Friday, November 29, 2013

Mini Apple Turkeys

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am so excited as this will be my first  year celebrating Thanksgiving after two years being in Dubai, which prompted me to finally bring back my favorite apple turkey craft. I learned this craft when I was a little brownie in Girl Scouts and have been making these for my teachers, friends, and family ever since! It's a very fun craft  to decorate the table with ahead of time, or to save for the dinner party to bring the kids together.

Let's start with the supplies...
Red apples
Construction paper in fall colors (no need for thick card stalk)
scissors (not shown) 

When I did this project with my kids at a younger age, I would cut out all the paper feathers and glue the toothpicks and make the turkey heads all ahead of time. So all they had to do was prick the apple with the decorations. When they got older I let them do the glueing, and cutting themselves. This time I was planning on doing this project at a party with thirteen kids, so I did majority of the gritty prep work ahead of time to avoid any drama.
Take your construction paper and draw feather-like shapes all over. They don't have to be the exact shape, but roughly the same size. 
If you aren't comfortable with freehand you can always make a stencil and roughly trace around It doen'st have to be perfect. You simply want to avoid extreme lengths and sizes. 
Since I use a few sheets of different colors I usually draw on one sheet and tape one or two more blank sheets behind and cut them at once. The thinner your paper the more sheets you can layer to cut at once. Less work double the feathers. 
After I lay out all the paper feathers, I squeeze lines of glue on a few feathers at a time and then go back and stick the tooth picks. It goes by fast that way. 

For the heads I draw out silhouettes and let the kids draw in the face. 

Then it's time to take your apple and figure out how it sits best on it's side. You don't want to start sticking in feathers only to find that the apple keeps rolling off or tilting awkwardly. The top of the apple should face forward and the bottom of the apple will face backward. 

I drew a random face and started sticking in feathers. 

Z1 had a blast making his. It came out so crazy lol.
After his hard work he had quite the appetite and dug into his "turkey" :o)

 The more feathers the better of course. Check out this grandiose creation. 

 Z2 pricking away

Z1 with his "hen" and fall colored hair. No, it's not dyed, but he had gotten a hair cut hours earlier and sprayed by the barber. 

There you have it! My favorite and famous apple turkeys. Can't have a thanksgiving without! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed your blessings. Thanks for stopping by! 


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