Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Birthday!! My very first post!

May 14, 2012

Wow. I feel so nervous, like that scary, and typical, dream where you are giving a speech. In front of a large crowd. Naked!*Breath and pace your self* This blog has been long over due and I'm ecstatic to get this going. So many events have happened to postpone the birth of this little corner of the web, but no better time than the present is my motto. 

Let me introduce myself, I'm Debora, like Deborah, but without the "h". I'm a wife, mother, daughter and jack of all trades. I delve in everything with my recent interest being DIY and my very own blog. I've been reading blogs for the past two years or so. I know, I'm way behind, late to the game, but it's never to late I tell you! One of the blogs that truly inspired me to take on DIY projects was Centsational Girl. She is A-MAZ-ING! But I'm sure you already knew that :0). Seriously though, her furniture painting skills are out of this world. You say "I can't paint that" she says "Oh, yes you can!!" Kate's decor is like design spa treatments. After looking at the mess which is my home, I glance at pics of Kate's home and feel relaxed, rejuvenated. (o: On top of her really busy schedule, she someway, somehow finds a way to respond to every ones questions. Unless I'm the super lucky one she always responds to. :0) Nah, I'm sure she responds to all. Thank you Kate for your endless inspirations, tips and motivation! **virtual hug**

Another A-MAZ-ING blog I follow for inspiration is Little Green Notebook. Jenny is truly talented and inspirational. The way she uses colors is like a workout for my brain; a "wow that so works" kinda moment.  I call her inspirations brain aerobics haha :o) Thank you Jenny! **virtual hug**

I love these two blogs so much because they are real moms who not only share their talent, but are so generous in giving up their valuable time posting tutorials, answering questions, and even motivating others with their easy projects. Not to mention that I find myself in both their styles. 

Double take! Say what? I know, I know. While CG's style is more French, traditional, calm colors in the blues, greens, and neutrals, Jenny's is more eclectic, colorful and akin to Kate Spade. 

I guess you can call me the centsational notebook or little green girl. Hmm...sounds Shrek-ish. Ok, so you get my point, I love both their styles. It's so hard to stay focused! So I'm going to use this blog and hopefully support from readers, to stay on track and decorate my home in a way that will make my family and myself happy, comfortable and really feeling at home.

I have to give a big thanks to Kate and Jenny, for endlessly (via their blogs) inspiring and teaching me different, decor styles and techniques in painting not to mention pattern names. Take ikat for example, I never knew what that pattern was called before I read about it on CG's blog. I also learned (dare I admit?!) that it's pronounced ee-cot from Jenny's blog! Jenny, am I de-dorkified now that I'm not pronouncing it eye-cat anymore haha? 

Obviously the virtual world is filled, FILLED, with amazing bloggers like 
Domestic Fashionista,House of Turquoise , Little Life of Mine, Habitually Chic, View Along the Way and the list is never ending! I send a huge, Huge, HUGE thank you and virtual hugs to those I've listed and NOT LISTED because I've learned a lot from you all. 

Any way I have a lot more to learn and hopefully apply successfully to my current home.

A bit more about me

I'm originally from Cali. SFV to be exact. I started reading CG's blog just after my husband, "the rock" (I'll get to that in a bit) and I bought our first house.

Wish I had access to a pic, long story short my pics are hijacked by my hard drive and  I had to resort to steeling  borrowing a pic of my home sweet home from another site. My house is famous!

Any way about 18 months ago, I had my third baby and 2 weeks later started an unexpected remodel on half our house. In the middle of winter! Well, Cali winter, so it wasn't snowing, but darn cold. Just as the remodeling wrapped up and we were FINALLY settling down and I began decorating to my hearts desire, my family and I were shifted again, as new opportunities awaited us in...DUBAI! What the!?!? We are now American ex-pats currently living in the country of, I mean city of, actually the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Phew! What is an Emirate any way!?

UAE, or the United Arab Emirates located east of Saudia Arabia 
almost closing off the Persian Gulf

At The Top, Burj Khalifa. Tallest building in the world.
(Because there wasn't enough space to build width wise, ;o))

I may have left my home in L.A., but my creative trade made it here to the land of sand!  Join me in my journey to make a home away from home one thrifty DIY project at a time in this Emirate of Guccie's, Louis's, and golden gates to hell-ish hot summers!! Will I make it in the desert where thrift store mirages allude me, ACE really is the only place, and people don't spend, they HEMORRHAGE money? Stick around and we'll find out together! Thanks for visiting!


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