Thursday, April 18, 2013

Window Shopping: Cost Plus World Market

Hey Hey everyone!! Terribly sorry for leaving such a big gap between posts, but this vacation has put quite the toll on me physically and mentally. Hmmm.... doesn't sound like much of a vacation when I put it that way lol. Well, I'm back home in Dubai, but still have a ton to share from my trip back from my other home, LA.

I really appreciated window shopping in the States. Maybe because things in the US are so much more affordable than in Dubai. Even though I only bought a couple very small things for my home, the thought that I could afford so much more in the US than Dubai made me so giddy inside. (o:

What made me more giddy was a lovely trip to Cost Plus World Market. That store isn't out here in the UAE. You can imagine I was like a kid in a candy store when I went in. I saved my money as much as I could and immortalized the items I wanted by taking pictures. A bunch of pictures :o))))

Patio furniture. So festive and vintage looking. 

Zebra print (used in moderation) will never go out of style.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Painted Dresser + Hutch

Hello there! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I am on vacation out here in California for the next couple weeks and managed to get this (monstrous) dresser painted during my first week here. I love that I tackle big things that I've never done before while I'm on vacation. What's wrong with me? I guess I got the DIY bug!


The patient before: an old faux wood dresser and hutch.

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