Saturday, October 27, 2012

The world is flat and I fell off the edge...

Hello all!! I have to say I am very sorry for disappearing like that. Apparently, my world is flat and I fell off the edge. I went back home for a visit in August, I couldn't blog while I was there. It was Ramadan, I was staying with my in-laws annnnnd I was doing a million things.

Really it's amazing the things you can do when you are supposed to get other things done. I was doing important things to avoid doing other more important things and took on ridiculously important projects in an unrealistic amount of time. Phew, it never ends.

Seriously though, in Ramadan I should have been focusing on worship and fasting and the important things that cleanse my soul and bring me closer to God. I was, but as usual, had to do other things at the same time. I was shopping for an entire year's worth of clothes for my family so I wouldn't have to buy overpriced crap in Dubai, working on projects for the blog, that I've yet to post, and...wait for it... learning a third language! What's wrong with me? It's my jack-of-all-trades instinct. I can't do only one thing for a long time. I must overwhelm myself and eventually fall off the face of the earth. 

Anyway I'm back now, looking forward to balancing my life, a more positive year in Dubai and continuing blogging. I hope those of you who observe Eid Al-Adha enjoyed your holiday!

One of the most touching pictures I've ever seen in my life. 

Source unknown


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