Hi, I'm Debora, like Deborah, but without the "h".  That's my name, and has been since my big brother named me when I was born.  My close friends and family, though, know that I love to be called by my nick name, Amira. It's Arabic for princess. (o: I'm a wife, mother, daughter and jack of all trades. DIY and affordable interior design are my newest loves. An affordable life style in moneyville, Dubai is my mission (hopefully) possible. I'm originally from Cali. SFV to be exact, but my husband found new opportunities in...DUBAI, and we up-and-moved!

From Left to right: Z1, "the Rock", Z3, Me, Z2.

Ever since I announced my engagement LIVE to a million people, in LA nonetheless, during my intern days at KROQ, my husband has made it clear to me that he is a private person. So in respect of his wishes and some security over my kids I've kept their names limited to abbreviations. Hope you understand! 

We are now American ex-pats currently living in the country of, I mean city of, actually the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Phew! What is an Emirate anyway!? I may have left my home in L.A., but my creative trade made it here to the land of sand! Join me in my journey to make a home away from home one thrifty DIY project at a time in this Emirate of Guccie's, Louis's, and golden gates to hell-ish hot summers!! Will I make it in the desert where thrift store mirages allude me, ACE really is the only place, and people don't spend, they HEMORRHAGE money? Thanks for visiting! -Deb aka Amira (o: 

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  1. my dear friend you are so talented msa please don't stop blogging you give a nice tips in here and never say that you r not a creator you r amazing


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