Thursday, March 19, 2015

Reupholstering My Blended Leather Couch (Part 2)

Alright Debdoozlers! I finally gathered up some pics of that horrid blended leather couch AFTER reupholstery and I am excited to finally share them with you all.

I mentioned before that I was debating real leather or a more durable washable fabric and I decided to go with fabric. Because the couch had deteriorated so fast and I hadn't planed on such a large reupholstery project, I just didn't have the money at the time to invest in real leather. Although it was amazing and beautiful!!!

In the end I was very happy with this fabric. After about a year of having this couch I washed all the cushion covers once and with a little pre-stain treatment I was able to get the stains out.  It's also survived the boys well. No wholes, or permanent stains. So far, success.

Pillows from Pier One (ages ago) and Walmart ( I know, shameful lol)  
Throw from Ikea UAE.

Morrocan table and Mother or Pearl box both from Egypt. Diy Flower pens.

Amazing transformation if I do say so myself. What would you have done? Take out a loan and go for real leather or made do and stuck with fabric? Don't forget to comment below and thanks for stopping by! 


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