Saturday, March 21, 2015

The DSO Headquarters (aka The Pineapple Building )

Why is it a pineapple? This is the million dollar question people around here always ask. Why would the headquarters of the technology city, Dubai Silicon Oasis, look like a pineapple?

Dubai is known around the world for its unique architecture and the DSO-HQ building doesn't fall short of being unique. It was one of the first buildings to catch my eye when moving out here and from day one everyone called it the "Pineapple Building".

The DSO headquarters during the day. 
Photo source "DSO pineapple building" google search.

The hubster and I were talking about it one day and while we knew it wasn't intentionally supposed to replicate a pineapple, we couldn't figure out what the architect was truly trying to replicate. It wasn't until he looked at it one night that he immediately realized what it was. 

View at night.
Fiber optic cables! It was a fiber optic cable building! Of course, being the engineer that he is, it made total sense. What looks like the pineapple leaves during the day, are actually cables lit up in blue with red tips at night. It made total sense.
Fiber optic cables

Another view of DSO headquarters at night. 

I, like most people around here, would have never made the connection, not even in a million years. Luckily, the hubsters engineering intuition kicked in and he made the connection. Very clever on the part of the architect who designed this building. To bad most people don't get it and can only equate it to a pineapple. 

So, there you have it folks, the mystery has been solved and we can now all call it what it really is, the fiber optic cable building. ;-) Tung-twister much?

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