Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Missing Craigslist

Hello all. Hope you are all well. I was randomly surfing Dubizzle, the UAE version of Craigslist, the other night and I became beyond frustrated. It's the same story every time. Options are few and far between and most items will fall under one of three categories: used Ikea furniture, used ridiculously expensive "high end" furniture, or tacky used custom made crap. This is ex-pat land and you'll find the market filled with used furniture, but it's all the same! Ikea is definitely the go-to one-stop-shop for everything home related, but then you have those who have to have "quality" furniture and buy very VERY expensive furniture that's just as crappy as Ikea. Anything in between those two is crap.

This is a young country, shoot, my husband is older than this country I kid you not. Because it's such a young country finding cool vintage furniture is almost impossible out here unless someone happened to ship it here from their own country. So to get myself out of a dumpy mood I headed on over to Craigslist choosing my hometown of Los Angeles and found some cool pieces of furniture that I had to share with you all.

This couch is gorgeous as it is, but the lines and toile  are a bit too classic for me. A more modern fabric on the traditional frame would give it such a nice twist.

Link expired
These chairs. Ohhh the options are endless. First of all the chair is in perfect shape no paint needed. Some printed fabric or avsolid bright color would give this chair such flair. If you don't like the wood tone you could always paint it. Either way, it can easily be turned into a statement piece on a very low budget. 

Link expired 
This sled couch needs a lot of work, but it's sooooooo unique. I mean can you imagine this thing brand new? It would definitely be at least a few thousand dollars. Some elbow grease, wood putty, sanding and staining is an easy DIY. If upholstery is not your thing you could source that out from the savings you just made in fixing the wood yourself. If I could only get my hands on this couch! Sighhh. 

The lesson here folks is Craigslist is your best friend!! You can find tons of great deals and personalize very unique pieces that would otherwise cost a fortune had you bought ready made. Now go get you some classy vintage furniture! Thanks for stopping by! 


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