Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DIY Onesie With Clouds

Hey there folks! I hope you are all well, we can't complain over here. Though a few months ago I was ready to pull my hair out thanks to the youthful spirit of Z3, my youngest. I found my stinker mesmerized by the beauty of cobalt blue craft paint. Of course it wasn't as beautiful in its tiny tube as it was on the floor, on my curtains and on himself including his onesie. In all fairness though, his adventurous side could have been more disastrous considering the easy access to all my paint supplies.

I attempted to clean everything up, but to no avail. My curtains and his onesie were inevitably stained. Luckily the curtain stains are not too obvious and I had other onesies he could still wear, but this one was not worth throwing away. Instead of being annoyed by the random stains on it, I thought, how about experimenting with my fabric markers? It couldn't go wrong since the onesie was already ruined, and actually it ended up like new!

Marvy Uchida brand fabric markers. Originally purchased from Michaels in the States, but they might be available at the Craft Supply store in Barsha for UAE residents. 
Random blue paint stains.

I started off with a tiny cloud on the top right sleeve and forgot to take any more pics lol. Sorry friends.
Turned out so cute didn't it? I know clouds are so random, but he loves them, I LOVE THEM
 and he wore it a lot which is more than I can say for the damaged onesie. 
 Child, be still for the camera!
 Super model problems. "I can't take this pressure mama!"
 "Please, no moreeeeee." 
 "Last smile out of me, KAY?!"
"Now you're just crossing the line, MOM!" 

This onesie will be saved until his adulthood, it's just that cute. I might even have to pull it out at his wedding lol.  I'm glad I was able to save it, not that it would have been the end of the world if I didn't, but I really hate wasting. Whether it's toys, clothes, books, anything really, I have to try fixing them before even thinking about throwing them out. I don't even like to give damaged things to charity before I fix it. Even when it comes to food. If I cook something no one likes or there is too much leftover , I alter the recipe or make something new out of it. How about you guys? What have you given a second life too? Thanks for stopping by! 


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