Sunday, November 24, 2013

Spiritual Friday: Imagine Your Home Occupied

Hey there Debdoozler's. Apologies' for yet another belated Spiritual Friday post. But here I am now, reflecting on life, my home, the homes of others and in some instances the lack-there-of. There have recently been tragic losses of homes around the world due to natural disasters, but there have also been consistent losses, more like evil occupation of homes by cruel, mean political people who've hijacked peaceful religions in the name of their evil politics.

First the backstory. This past weekend I went to Dubai's famous Global Village, where you can tour the world in just a few hours. Different countries set up mini markets filled with the best products that represent their country. From food, to clothes to souvenirs, the world was at our fingertips. So off we went, the hubster and I, to get some essentials, plus a couple of impulse buys.

Our first country: Palestine. The necessity: Olive Oil. This wasn't your ordinary olive oil from Italy, or Costco ;o) This was special olive oil. PALISTINIAN olive oil. Only 'the best in the world' olive oil. The hubster's co-worker recommended it to him and in turn convinced me we should get it. He purchased this lovely oil once a year and raved that it was THE BEST! 
The Palestinian market at Global Village (2014)

Olive Oil.

Being the avid olive oil users that we are, we made the plunge and bought the 16 kg tin. It was a steep purchase, but totally worth it. I should of felt great, I bought awesome olive oil while supporting the Palestinian cause. But I didn't, I felt lousy.

How could my single purchase help protect the Palestinian people, their homes, their OLIVE TREES? It couldn't really, but maybe this post raising awareness could. I can't post Diy projects and share updates on my home without making it a point to bring awareness to those whose home's have been taken away and for those who's lives are in constant suffering and even danger.

Living in the Middle East, there is a lot less propaganda about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict which leaves so much breathing room to truly understand the situation. Growing up in America, however, the constant bombardment of Zionist propaganda has kept people including myself, ignorant about the truth which eventually turns people cold, heartless, and demeaning of Palestinians. The few Americans left who can speak up become scared to speak against the majority. As a result, many Americans have lost understanding of the truth, thus have lost sympathy for Palestinians and humanity all together.

Too many Americans are not sympathetic to the thousands of innocent Palestinians who are caught in the middle of a political cross fire. Americans and Europeans have been incorrectly informed from such a young age to view Palestinians as terrorists to the point that Americans and Europeans find difficulty in seeing or believing the truth.  So many people don't know that Palestinian lives are tortured, and homes are being crushed endlessly.

Too many Americans don't know about the imitation Wall Of China Isreal has created to block Palestinians from a normal life.

Too many Americans don't know about the thousands of homes bulldozed and the illegal settlements that quickly replace Palestinian homes.

You won't find this on Architectural Digest.
"Israeli forces have attacked and destroyed several Palestinian houses and structures in the occupied West Bank and East al-Quds, as the Tel Aviv regime continues expanding its illegal settlements." Via

Too many Americans don't know about the innocent kids the Israeli Military deemed terrorists, thus having the "right" to kill them.
I'll save you the gruesome image images of Palestinian children murdered by the IDF. 

Too many Americans don't know about the constant lines and checkpoints Palestinians have to wait in before they can resume a "normal day" of work, school, grocery shopping, DELIVERING A BABY. Don't believe me? Then see for yourself.  Don't forget Kalandia-a checkpoint story, but, get comfy for at least an hour. It's worth it. If you don't have time then you must at least see 17:15 of this video, or 24:00, or 40:00 so you can have a basic understanding of the point I am trying to make here. The connection to humanity.

Too many Americans don't know that Gods gift to humanity, the olive tree, has been chopped to destruction by the hate of Zionism. 

Which brings me back to my recent purchase of Palestinian olive oil and the tremendous guilt that overwhelms me as I sit in my nice home unable to do anything to help my Palestinian brothers and sisters in humanity, other than write this post and continue to raise awareness.  

Americans have fallen into the trap of dehumanizing Palestinians because Zionists (in the name of Jewdaism) have taught them to believe that way. But Judaism, in it's true form, would NEVER allow the killing of innocent people, and the theft of the Palesntinian land and destruction of their homes. The proof lies in the thousands of years that Palestinians and Jews lived in PEACE, BEFORE Zionism was created. The proof also lies in the honest and good Jews who in this day and age fight against these inhumane acts.

My heart burns for these Palestinians, It aches for these Palestinians, I cry for these Palestinians. These Palestinians suffered day-in and day-out for decades and will still suffer if we don't help them! While we sip away at our mocha's and find ourselves frivolously complaining about whatever first world hardly-a-problem we have, remember, Palestinians SUFFER to live a normal life. I wish more Americans would understand that and sympathize and speak up for these innocent human beings. They are brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children, grandparents. Not terrorists.

This post is not a political post, it's a humanitarian post, a plea for humanity to stand up for justice. Kalandia- a checkpoint story. I was able to control my emotions up until 43:00, then I reached my breaking point until the end of the video. Watch it. If you can still justify why these Palestinians deserve this treatment, then you, yes YOU, cannot possibly be a human being.

May God have mercy and reward all those who struggled and still struggle with discrimination and racism. I hope I have raised even an ounce of compassion for occupied Palestinians. Thanks for stopping by.


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