Thursday, November 21, 2013

DIY Painted Rock Bookends

Hey there folks! I have a super easy DIY to share today. I was inspired by a pin on Pinterest so due credit must go where it is deserved! On the scale of difficulty it was super easy! Let's check out the supplies...

Two rocks (got mine from the front yard)
Two colors of your choice (preferably one metallic 
I used Sea Glass green mixed with gold + gold metallic spray)

I started off by washing the rocks since they were covered in dirt. The toothbrush will get any dirt in the small crevices. If you don't clean it well you risk paint chipping in the future. 
After they were cleaned I set them out to dry in the sun. Again, if it's a little wet the paint will not hold well. I gave them a prime coat to make sure the color would hold.
 After the primer dried, I sprayed both rocks fully in gold. Thy looked like giant golden nuggets which I loved and was so tempted to keep them that way, but I didn't. :o)
 I used Americana Sea Glass and Folk Art Metallic Inca Gold (love that gold!!!)

Since the Sea Glass was matte I added the gold to give it a little sparkle. 
 Tada! The results were great! Better than I expected actually. Since the original was in hot pink and gold I wasn't sure if the lighter green would work well, but I was happy in the end.

 Aren't they nice! And if you have three boys like I do they are perfect to add to your collection of dangerous home items. :o) Seriously though I warned my kids not to touch them, and then I moved them to a slightly safer place lest my kids get tempted :-o So far so good! There are plenty-o-things that can be painted and turned into bookends. Scope out your house and see what you can come up with. Don't forget to comment below and thanks for stopping by!


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