Monday, November 25, 2013

Blending Soapy Water to Clean Out a Blender- Does it Really Work?

Hello virtual friends. Hope you're all well on your end of the earth. Today I wanted to share a little test I did at home. I saw an image roaming around the web about "how easy" it is to clean your blender by just blending soapy water in it. I found it hard to believe that the ENTIRE blender including the the blade base and rubber ring that stops the liquid from leaking would get clean. So I gave it a try at home and wanted to share the results with you all.

I filled up the canister with warm soapy water...
I gave it a few spins...
 It looked like my skepticism was being washed away with the food as the canister sparkled. 
 I could tell though, that the lid wasn't getting clean. :o(
 And I was right. Lid was pretty dirty. 
Then I had to check the blade, blade base and rubber ring. Blade sparkled however...
 The base itself was nasty-mc-nasty :o(

So, incase my pics weren't clear, I'll summarize my findings for ya! Spinning soapy water definitely cleans up the canister very nicely though I still had to rinse it with clean water so as not to leave a soapy film to dry on it. I also had to manually take apart the blender and wash the other pieces: lid, blade base (white part actual blade is attached to), and rubber ring. It was definitely helpful to clean the majority of the blender by blending soapy water, but it DOES NOT clean the hard to reach spots. 

Aside from this test, I kindly :o) want to remind folks that you have to unscrew the blade and wash it separately after every use. Don't take common sense for granted. I faced the shock of a lifetime when I went to a friends house only to find that she NEVER took her blender apart to wash after any use. It took an hour to detach the blade which was glued to the canister with a ton of mold. Not a pretty site and I doubt it will make your smoothy taste good lol. Well, there you have it, my experience with cleaning the blender by blending soapy water. Give it a try, and see how it turns out for you. Thanks for stopping by! 


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