Sunday, December 1, 2013

Storage Baskets From Ikea

Hello all. Hope you have all awakened from your Thanksgiving food coma :o) Well, a couple of weeks ago I was at Ikea and came across a wonderful selection of baskets. I needed a couple in hopes of controlling the flood of balls and flip-slops that were consuming the hallway.

Yes, we live in the land of sand-als :o), and despite having an organized shoe cupboard, the sandals/ flip-flops were just always all over the place. Aside from that issue, we also had balls everywhere. Since it's usually so hot outside, we have to keep most of the balls indoors otherwise the heat just pulverizes them.  The rubber balls and other synthetic materials literally disintegrate from the heat without even being in direct sunlight. Even though the weather is cooler now, it's still better to keep them inside.

Exhibit A and B. FlIp FLoP DrAmA and that embarrassment of a ball basket. :-/ Don't judge. 

Found these beauties and couldn't decide between the two.

When I found the turquoise display had cracked before it had even left the store, 
I knew it wouldn't last in my home. My decision was made! 
I ended up choosing the Maffens for the balls...
...and the Knarra for the flip flops. 

 The quality of the Maffens was very durable and so far has withstood the abuse of balls being tossed in and kids rough housing with it. 

Two small purchases made all the difference in the world! I added an element of cuteness while resolving an organization issue. The maffens especially is my favorite because it doesn't have the typical beach-y feel that most baskets have. The black and beige stripes really set the classy tone.  Everyone needs baskets in my opinion. What do you think? Do you have baskets in your home? How do you organize things you have multiples of? Thanks for stopping by! 


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