Saturday, December 7, 2013

Using Paper Clips to Hang Lightweight Objects

On one of my last visits to the thrift store just before we moved to Dubai, I dropped by the Salvation Army and was surprised to find they accepted Islam! Islamic goods, that is :-) For those of you who are not aware of the popular thrift store in the States, they are a Christian non-profit organization that uses the money they make from selling used items to sponsor programs helping those in need and on the side try to convert people to Christianity. So I was surprised to find this little beauty...

Transcribed in the plate is a verse from the Quran. Not sure the exact chapter it's from, but will update the post once I find out.

BRIC-A-BRAC? Not sure if that's an insult or an honor lol, but for a buck 35? I'll take that treasure. Looks like its pervious owners gave it away because the hook broke off. If only they new it could be saved with some hot glue and a paper clip.
A minute was all it took to fix it up. 

It hung perfectly! I originally saw this idea used in combination with felt on ceramic plates, but since this plate was so light, nothing more than the hot glue was needed. I love hot glue, it's so magical I tell ya! Can you think of anything in your home right now that could be fixed with a paper clip and hot glue? Thanks for stopping by! 


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