Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Potty Chart For My Littlest Munchkin

Ok. Before you get all grossed-out, I just have to say this was a very exciting craft and even more exciting that my littlest munchkin, Z3, is FINALLY pooping in the potty. If you find little amusement in this you either A: don't have toddlers, or B: your toddler's been pooping in the potty for ages and by ages I mean like a month and you're so over it now.

So back to my toddler. I have three boys. Z1, Z2 and Z3 and they were all SOOOOO different when it came to potty training. Z3 was, by far, the hardest to train. It took a long time to get him to pee in the potty, but once he did it was golden! We've been smooth sailing for months now. When I "encouraged" him to poop in the potty, however, he would hold it in out of fear for at least 2 days claiming he didn't have to go. NOT GOOD. So, I followed the doctors orders and let Z3 decide when he was ready to poop in the potty. It came to a point though that enough was enough and I really had to do something to make the playdate with nature fun and appealing so he would go in the potty and stop holding it in. What better than a chart? A POOP CHART.

Toddlers and kids alike love, LOVE charts. They love charts to death and you know what they love even more than charts? STICKERS! Better yet, stickers on charts! Now we've hit the jackpot. Toddlers and kids love seeing their accomplishments materialize visually. Seriously, as soon as this chart came straight out the printer my toddler ran to the potty to poop so he could stick a sticker on his steaming hot fresh-out-the-oven poop chart!

Another 30 second DIY. I scanned Google for animated poop images. There was, of course, nothing to work with. Take my word for it. :o) Untill I came across this very cute graphic.

Tell me that isn't the cutest most kid-friendly poop pic you've ever seen!

It was perfect! Naturally, I emailed the hubster and ordered kindly asked him :o) to put together a simple chart with the days of the week surrounding the image. 

After centering the original image he added two weeks worth of boxes. 
 He typed in abbreviations for the days of the week.
I colored in the poop for a more realistic appeal. Can you tell I was really into this? :o) We taped up his chart in the bathroom next to his potty. He ended up learning the days of the week too!
We used some left over crown stickers, because after all he is "king of the potty throne."
His potty actually is shaped as a throne and plays royal music with every successful "duty" :o) 
He was so giddy. Instant gratification for everyone!

His chart is full now and he talks about it all the time. He calls it his "poopoo shawt" which is the CUTEST thing EVER! We'll be printing another sheet since he loves rewarding himself for every go. That is fine by me. Whatever it takes to do his duty in the potty. Any of you working on pee/poopoo training or was that last season in your household? LOL. If you're currently struggling with your kids try it out, maybe the chart system will help motivate your toddlers like it did with mine. In the mean time, happy potty training and thanks for stopping by!


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