Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pens In Disguise

Hey there friends. I realized that when I posted my charging station, my roses made a little guest appearance. I thought I should fill you in on a little secret. I think it's obvious that they are silk roses, and frankly I find nothing more ghetto than silk plants in home decor. Nothing beats the real deal. These, however, are not your ordinary ghetto flowers :o).

I'm sure you've guessed it by now. They are pens. I LOVE pens. I NEED pens. Pens are ALL over my house. In the kitchen, on my desk, at my landing station, in my purse, err, I mean, handbag. Did I just date myself by saying 'purse'? It's all about handbags these days! Dubai life I tell ya!

Uhhhh. I digress. Back to pens. I always have something important to write and need a pen (and paper of course) at arms reach. So I made I bunch of these. Intentional fake flowers look better than crapy plastic pens don't you think? 

This is probably the classic most O.G. of all DIY's. So instead of sharing  a "revolutionary" tutorial you can check this out for a quick "how to". Now go beautify those ugly plastic writing tools of yours! Thanks for stopping by!


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