Monday, December 23, 2013

A Tale of New Chairs Part 2 (FINALLY) Plus Fabrico Review

Hey all! This revamp should probably get the world record for longest time between before and after pics to be revealed lol. I posted the before pics in 2012 and we are almost in 2014 and I finally have the after lol. At least I am late with style ha!

If you remember, I bought two wingback chairs off Dubizzle a long while ago for my dining area. I was trying out something new because the chairs we had were not so comfortable. In the end I abandoned the original idea and just used them as extra seating in my living area. I don't actually have rooms in this house. It's just one giant floor space melted together. Sections are divided by furniture arrangements which then leave me with "areas" as opposed to rooms. Now that I think about it, I've never lived in any place that had separate dining room, living room and family room. It's always been one giant melted floor plan.

Anyway, I really wanted to use them at the head of the dining table, but the hubster felt they were too low and with the kids it just wasn't logical to have fabric chairs combined with food :o). They were a steel so it didn't matter that the original plan didn't workout. One of them had broken springs and they both needed new upholstery ASAP. Here they are before....

In this picture you can see I painted the legs. I sprayed them because it was easier and faster and the fabric was getting replaced anyway. 
I went with Fabrico, who I've used before. Since they were great the first time, I was confident that they would do a great job second time around. I was surprised when the guy who took my last order completely jacked up every detail I had told him. Note the random nailhead across the side of the chair. They did fix the springs perfectly and both chairs are super comfy. All in all it was a matter of misunderstanding, but at least the quality was consistent.
I was lucky they didn't give me too much of a hard time and with a few phone calls and some nagging they got the nail head changed. I would still use them again, but I've learned that I need to have everything written down and/or drawn on a paper for them to remember and for myself as proof. You can see below the nail head the way I had originally ordered it.

I love the fabric, but it has definitely added some stress to our household. Somehow the new white upholstery is like a giant magnet to the kids and I find them swinging, jumping and climbing into them repeatedly throughout the day. It's as if those are the only pieces of furniture we own! I think I will have to sell them soon, but I am trying to enjoy them while they last lol.

Individual nail heads would have cost three times the cost of nail head strips. It looks fine to me and I figure if the high-end stores out here sell their chairs for AED 5000 and DON'T use loose nail heads, then the strip will be just fine for my custom chairs. :o)
I love this pattern!

They have definitely made the place look less 80's since we axed the forrest green. I love that the pattern has an Islamic feel, but isn't the typical quatrefoil. The mix between the western style wingback and the more Islamic pattern is my kind of mix. Not too much East, not too much West. What do you think? Yay or nay? Don't forget to leave a comment and thanks for stopping by!


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