Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Soapstone and Wood Bowls from Kenya

Hey Debdoozlers! Hope you are all well. I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I had stopped by the Global Village. While I was there I checked out the Africa booth. As if Africa was a single country (it's not). Did you know it's comprised of more than 50 countries? Fun fact for the day.  When I entered the stall, or what I like to call the market since it's much bigger than a stall, I checked out different booths and came upon one with products from Kenya. I wasn't planning on buying anything, but the temptation of the the cute stuff combined with pressuring salesmen left me with two new bowls to bring home. 

The first bowl that caught my eye was sea green in color, small, about about 3 inches in diameter, and ICE COLD to the touch. The hubster and I were really fascinated by its smooth cold texture. We found out it was made of soapstone. It's dug from underground and is a fascinating material. I wish my floors were made of it, then maybe my house would be cool in the summer. :o)) I also love that it has black in it which I've been trying to incorporate more into our home. 

The second bowl that I couldn't get my eyes off was a two toned wood bowl. I forgot to ask exactly what type of wood it was made of. It's oval shape and two colors beautifully blended together made for one perfect center piece. It was a modest size for displaying fruit and actually encouraged us to eat more fruit since it's in our common area instead of the kitchen. These oranges were sooooo sweet, I'll post more on them later.

Can you believe both bowls are hand carved? For Kenyans, it's such a common craft, but we truly take their skills for granted. The two new accents have settled-in nicely in our home. ;o) What is the most unique and functional thing you've bought from around the world? Thanks for stopping by. 


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