Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wingback Master Bed, Fit For A King and Queen

Hello my friends! Let's pillow talk, well, bed talk, shall we? My hubster and I, have been long over due for a proper bed. It's something the kids really needed. KIDS, you say? Yes, KIDS. Let's be real, yet again, that 10 times out of 10 our kids always want to jump into our bed. Even though they don't sleep through the night with us, there are always the morning wake-up calls and the mid-night sneak-in attempts. Some times failed attempts, many-a-times, success. With three kids we really had to upgrade to a KING size, or what I like to call the party of five size. (o:  

But, it was a bit of a hard decision to make. It was either go big or go home, and did we really want to commit to a bed that wasn't the standard size back in the U.S.? (240 x 240) Well, we thought and thought until I came across this beauty...

 Faux croc skin wingback king bed on display at Q Decor (Dubai)

HOLD the PHONE! Was that a wingback (love) faux croc skin (double love) KING (totally need) BED?!? Yessiree! It had every qualification I was looking for, except that it was 240 x 240 size. Ok, now I'm just being ridiculously picky. After "sleeping on it" no pun intended ;o) I thought it was out of our budget and decided to wait. The sweet hubster (without telling me) went back to inquire more about the bed and found it on sale and surprised me with it. YAY!! Behold the the wingback in all half it's glory. I still  need  would like a better comforter. 

Bed from Q Decor (Dubai)
Cream and Orange pillows from Marina, Exotic Decor (Dubai)
Solid orange (square and rectangular) and comforter from Homes R US (Dubai)
Orange throw from Ikea (Dubai)

The room reveal is still underway, but I couldn't resist to share the bed. It's grand, it's comfy and more importantly it fits the five of us at the same time. :o) So while the kids build forts between the hubster and I, we can still sleep with out getting sat on, jumped and body slammed (o: How about you? How do you deal with your kids jumping into your bed? Got a bigger bed or do you just lock them out ;o) ? Maybe you don't have kids, but love to roll like a rolling pin on dough? What size bed do you sleep on? Would love to read your comments so leave one below! Thanks for stopping by. 


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