Monday, February 11, 2013

Bench Revamp: Paint + Reupholstery

Hello, hello! Get ready for a post full of pics. (o: Today I'm sharing a bench makeover that was super easy and couldn't have turned out better. If you want to try upholstery for the first time I suggest benches, foot stools, simple chairs, any thing that is square or rectangular. They are the easiest to start off with. Also, start with plain fabric, so you can get used to handling the material, folding corners and working with the staple gun. Then practice with patterned fabric where you have to pay more attention while stapling so as not to staple the fabric down crooked.

Here is the beauty I ended up with...

After shot

Before shot
Over all, it had a weird green tint too it that I just didn't like, plus....

..up close you could see some old school texture in the frame. 

I used Krylon H20 Primer like in this project.

Paint seems blotchy in this pic, but it dried evenly. 

Color Was Krylon Satin Nickel

Fabric is Regent Velvet Herringbone by Schumacher 
Notice in the above pic there is a defect in the fabric. I was so shocked and slightly irritated because it would cost more to try and ship it back to get a replacement, than to fix it on my own.  Keep in mind Schumacher is BEYOND expensive and is only sold to the trade. As a first time buyer I'm not impressed with you Schumacher!!! 

I took the chance and cut the piece of defective velvet and fabric looked just find. 

 If you have the option of returning your defective fabric do that. I don't recommend cutting or altering it yourself because you never know what can happen. If you damage it they will not do anything about it. But because I am over seas and had no choice I took a chance and lucked out. Since Schumacher is whole sale only, Melissa, at Bell and Whistle, helped me out. Thanks Melissa!! Stop by her Etsy shop if you can. She has beautiful pillows! Back to the bench...

I left the original fabric on the bench. It was easier to upholster over it and not have to throw the fabric in the trash than to pull out 100 staples. I also wanted the cushion to be more thick so double fabric did the trick. 

Since I was working with a herringbone pattern, I had to make sure the pattern was completely straight. Any slightly slant would be very noticeable and an eye sore. So I measured, checked, double and triple checked. When It came to stapling, I picked a side and started in the middle and worked my way down to one end and then again back the other end. I did this on all four sides.

For the corners, I cut off access fabric to make the fold easier and more flush. 

I also folded the fabric trim as I stapled so the velvet doesn't fray in the future.

The color of the fabric matched the the accent color in my pink rug perfectly. I couldn't believe it.

And there you have it friends. A super easy bench revamp! 

Do you think you could take on a project like this if you haven't before? I'm sure you absolutely could. Have any of you had issues with ordering defective fabric? I would love to hear your experience with different companies and return policies. Thanks for stopping by! 


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