Sunday, February 17, 2013

Adding Color to a Black and White Photo

Hello, hello! Today I'm going old school in photo editing. In this day and age of technology, photoshop, instagram and all sorts of other digitized editing, it's a little more fun to edit or alter a photo manually. Today I'll show you how simple and fun it is to add a little color to a black and white photo. Of course you could do this with a million programs out there, but consider this a throw back to coloring with markers.

Zig brand photo markers. I purchased from Michaels with my trusty 40% coupon (o: This was the beginner set soft hues. I think other colors are still available. 

 Each pen comes double sided with a thick and thin marker tip.

I don't have "before" pics, but use your imagination. I guarantee it's not difficult to imagine white/gray (o: 

In the first house the hubster and I lived in, we had two amazing orange trees and this one ginormous lemon tree. I loved the lemon tree in particular. It always looked so pretty. I decided to take pics of the lemon tree with my old school manual camera. 

The single lemon in the top photo was so dramatic after I colored it in 
and the multiple lemons also made a statement. 

At the same time, I took black and white shots of my kids and colored their photos in as well. I framed the photos and made a mothers day project for my mom and mother-in-law. 

I colored the main part of the face with a neutral color leaving the cheeks blank, 
then I went back and colored the cheeks in rose. 

Love those cheeks!!

I colored his dress shirt blue. I went over it a couple times until it was saturated to my liking.

In another photo I made my younger sons shirt yellow. Just mixing it up. 

The youngest of the three wasn't born yet so it was just the "2" amigos 

Bottom right photo was taken by a professional.
 It was the inspiration behind doing my own color accented black and white. 

And it's that simple. I find coloring, drawing and painting to be very relaxing and this was a fun and calming project. Just coloring away with out saving, cutting, pasting and clicking on different tools. While all this technology is great, don't you feel overwhelmed sometimes and want to do things the simple way? I know I do. Thanks again for stoping by! 


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