Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mini Paper Starburst Wreath

Hello people! I have an original, yet unoriginal project today. Weird, I know, but this isn't your typical paper wreath. This, my friends, is the paper wreath of....PATIENCE. :o} No kidding. I'll get to that in a second. If you've seen these paper wreaths around you'll know the standard protocol: buy an old book from the thrift store and start ripping away at it. First of all, I've yet to see a thrift store here in the UAE ( not they don't exist, but I just haven't seen one) and secondly, I cannot bring my self to buy a book just so I can rip it apart. Not judging anyone; that's just me though.  

Recently my mom brought me this cute little ( I mean 2 x 3 in. little) calendar from Egypt. It's the kind that you tear away the date as each day goes by. It was perfect for this project. I could save the little sheets and make a mini wreath. Thus, I bring you thy wreath of patience...

Since I could only tear away one sheet per day I literally waited about one month and a half before I had enough sheets to start this project :o) I've increased my patience level by 25%. I just made that number up, but really, talk about holding back. 

The calendar. It's cute, and the block of dates can be replaced at the end of the year. 
Save the date! HaHaHA. (I couldn't resist) 
I took this old piece of cardboard and cut a small (I think 3 x 3 in) square. 
Then I took each sheet and twisted it into a cone shape.
I placed the paper cones in the center and corners of the cardboard.
After 8 cones it looked like this. 
I continued to fill-in the gaps in between until it was all filled up. 

I'll spare you more pictures, but I think you get the idea. 
Continue until you get this...
I glued a copper magnet I had to the center of it. 

In all honesty, around February 21st I ran out of little sheets. I was so close yet so far. So I took an advance on my vacation days and pulled them out of the later part of the year. I deserved those vacation days! I waited a month and a half to do this project. In total it took 63 days to make this little wreath. I almost forgot to mention, it's 12 inches in diameter so it really is little. Eventually I will buy a shadow box frame for it since I like it a lot and don't want it to get ruined from the dust. 

All-in-all, I like that I didn't have to buy a book, or rip a book or waste the paper from the calendar I already had. An up-cycle success story I tell ya! Do you have any scrap paper lying around your house? Maybe a paper wreath lies in your near future? Thanks again for stopping by! 


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