Thursday, February 21, 2013

Framed Black and White Bird Feathers

A couple weeks ago we all went to the park and I found this really beautiful bird feather. I had never seen a bird feather so stark in contrast aside from peacock feathers. That's not to say they don't exist, but growing up in California, I just never came across random exotic bird feathers. I found this beautiful black and white striped feather, took a picture of it and set it back down on the ground. I couldn't stop thinking about it so I eventually picked it back up and saved it in a tissue. After a couple hours at the park I found two more! I had three in total and they were all so pretty. I knew I had to frame them and I did...

  If you follow my Facebook fan page, please excuse the repetitive pics. The initial feather I found...

Seriously, only God could have created something this perfect.

I grabbed an old frame I had (it was from the 99 cent store years ago)

Primed it...

Coral, by Appel Barrel and Metallic Inca Gold, by Folk Art

Mixed them together to give the coral a shimmer.

You can see slightly the shimmer of the paint. 
I played around with the layout of the three.

I used my trusty paper slicer to cut a white sheet to size.

I DID NOT glue or tape the feathers down. I simply set them on the paper and gently placed the glass down on them. I did however, tape the glass to the paper as I've seen professional framers do. 

Make sure only a quarter of the tape covers the glass; 
just enough to secure the glass yet be hidden by the frame. 

I loved how they looked horizontally...

...but ended up hanging them vertically. The color in this pic
 is more saturated than in person.

I couldn't be more happy with the turnout and the frame color was a nice punch of color with out taking away from the sharpness of the black and white feathers. I am so happy I saved these. Now I just need to find out what bird species they come from. I'm curious to know what the bird looks like. Have you ever found exotic looking bird feathers? Do tell!! Thanks again for stopping by!!!

P.S. No birds were harmed in the making of this post. (o:



  1. since the old days people been always interested
    in framing butterflies but to use feathers that's really unique ,I like the idea, I also liked't more horizontally. p.s I hope people wouldn't start the habit of pulling bird's feather with the excuse of creating art work, just enough paying closer attention to the baeuty of nature serrounding us to get inspiered, thanx Debdoozle.

  2. didn't you have framed butterflies? I thought we used to have some. Thanks for the support nunu. you are always so encouraging. :o))))


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