Thursday, February 21, 2013

Finding a OKL Flower Mirror Look-Alike in MY OWN HOME

Don't you love when you find super expensive things that resemble something you already have in your home? And don't you love it even more when the price you paid is like a million times cheaper!?!? Yea, that just happened to me. I was browsing through OKL, as usual, when I came across this mirror...

...and I was thinking: My clock looks so similar to that! 

Mine was $309 dollars cheaper :o))))

I added a scarf too it for more color and texture. 

While I love the OKL mirror I am just as happy with my own version from Home Goods. And it's a clock which is even more useful. ANNNND the cool thing is I found that same exact clock (different color though lol) out here in the UAE at Home Center even though I bought that clock almost 2 years ago. 

Home decor trends travel like no other! Through time and countries! The lesson from this post: if you love something that is out of your budget, be openminded to accept similar items/ design styles for a fraction of the cost for your own home!! I guarantee you will be just as happy! You know what they say, "money isn't everything", but if you surround your self with things that you love then you've hit the jackpot (my own added two cents.) Thanks for stopping by!!


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