Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rainbow Themes: Juvenile or Mature?

Welcome welcome! I hope you're in a good mood today, but if not don't worry. I have plenty of rainbow in this post to put a smile on your face (o: After taking my youngest son to mommy and me yesterday, I couldn't get over some seriously cute rainbow balloon pants one of the kids was wearing and the adorable xylophone the class got to play with.
Does this come in adult sizes? No? Maybe it's better that way. (o:
I didn't want to let go of this toy! 
Let's just keep that thought between me and the billion of you out there, kay? Great!

There is definitely a fine line between juvenile and mature rainbow themes especially in home decor. Rainbow themes can be great in a young kid's or teen's room and with good choices, make any house look amazing. The decisions you make will either give you a sophisticated home or...a circus. Sorry to break it to you! Here are some examples of sophisticated and playful uses of rainbow. 

If this was in a kids room with books, it would be screaming young and child-like. However, the white porcelain gives it a more adult taste. It may be too bold for some people, but at least the white dishes combined with the white table and chairs balance the colors out. It's more fun adult, not juvenile. 

Top two pics via
This rainbow art hanging in the corridor is very sophisticated. What differentiates it from the above bookcase? A couple things: the colors are not primary based or bold. The subtle hues with black stripes (vs. white) keep the combination colorful, but calm. 

When it comes to furniture shape and fabric are determining factors in the ultimate feel. The classic shape and subtle hues of the colors keep the chair more on the elegant side. Also consider the different sized stripes, which is more enjoyable to the eye than symmetrical rainbow stripes. 


Multi-colored bombay style chest I spotted at Marina Exotic Home (Dubai)

The above two chests are both painted in rainbow colors, they both have curves, but one seems more elegant and the other is colorful fun. Notice the knobs vs. pulls the environment they are displayed in color tone, horizontal vs. vertical stripes, straight vs. squiggly stripes etc. There are so many determining factors that make or break a piece. Both pieces are cute, but set different moods. 

 Rainbow top table I also spotted at Marina Exotic Home (Dubai)
Look at the leprechaun shoes! Creapy or cool?
Rainbow and white Moroccan chandelier I found at Dragon Mart (Dubai) 
Too nervous to commit to multi colored furniture? Try organizing your books by color. The look is great and whenever you get sick of it you can mix them up for a less rainbow look. (o:
Wow, this floor is amazing. Not sure if I could live with it, but I'm definitely enjoying the look of it. This is similar to the above art work in that the black vanity calms the colors down. You have a vibrant floor, but the bathroom doesn't feel like a circus.
Don't forget this classic. Painted stripes on a wooden floor. Let's just admire this from afar. It's very cute , I love it, and definite props to her for pulling it off, but most people can't do this in their own home. Rentals, real wood, no time to tape-off, you know, the boring reasons.

I'm no interior designer, but these are some of the things I've learned from all the great design bloggers out there, professional and beginners alike. What say you to rainbow colored decor? Thanks for stopping by! 


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