Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A tale of new chairs: dinning room in progress

Have you ever had a totally awesome idea pop up that wasn't directly inspired by any one, place or thing you had scene before? And when you google your idea to reaffirm the sanity and coolness of it you find that it's a trend? Like Z2 always says, Awesome! I love when that happens. My mom is one of those people who has that happen to her A LOT! I love that. Her sister, on the other hand, hates that. You see, my aunt spent and spends a majority of her life living, breathing, eating and sleeping design magazines, constantly seeking the most trendy and unique styles to apply to her home. My mom on the other hand loves to decorate aesthetically and practically. She has to LOVE it because it makes her comfortable/happy and it must be realistic to live in. The best part is when my moms home unintentionally becomes a fashionable space. Part of the reason for this phenomena with my mom is due to her timeless sense of taste. She loves classic shapes, rich dark wood tones, royal, but not gaudy and simply elegant and definitely not matchy-matchy everything.

With that said, I must share my totally awesome uninspired, reinforced, hamdillah (thank God) on trend idea. I have this dinning set that I absolutely love. It was a perfect fit in the dinning space of my old home. Very big table, long and narrow, with leaves at each end not in the middle. Exactly what I wanted. And the benches were perfect for the space as I didn't want crowding from too many chairs.

On sale now at World Market

The only pic I had of it before we moved. 
See how long and narrow it is? Perfect for the space. 
And it held tons of food!

Some action shots of the set in my current home
Host and hostess chairs also from World Market

The infamous bench, I still love you though.

Lately, however, my kids have been tired from sitting on the benches everyday. Since there is no back rest on it they end up laying down during dinner and sometimes falling asleep. Not good. So I thought about building a back support similar to this.

Unfortunately the power difference (120v USA vs 240v UAE) forced us to leave our brand new saw back home. Honestly, with the high prices and poor quality out here,  we don't want to buy another one either. SO, building was out of the question.

Then I thought how about buying a cute settee or french style couch the two could sit on? Something like this... 

But, again, my resources were limited to dubizzle, UAE/mid east version of craigslist, and only boat sized couches were available. Cue: wingback chairs, ( angels singing). Finally, a more practical idea. But was I insane? Could I really use two wingback chairs as host chairs and it wouldn't look odd? Hmm...let me ask google.

And so my uninspired idea was confirmed; trendy, popular, and very doable! Ho-ra!

Decorated by Windsor Smith

Even the celeb's are sportn' wing backs at their dinning tables. I was definitely on the right track and continued driving on dubbizle road. It was on that 'street' I found not one, but two matching, curry scented, and spring busted wingbacks. YES! They were ugly, but in a new born baby kind of ugly way. No matter the nastiness of them, you still hug love them because they are your babies. And off I will send them to bathe in new upholstery. Here is a sneak peak of them at birth. While my own kids were not born with the scent of curry, they did poses a slightly unphotogenic charisma. ;o)

I sprayed them with febreze and left them out side for 4 days to air out. 
The smell successfully went away.

Notice, I moved the old host chairs to one side, left one bench
and I'm currently using the other bench as seating for the key board. 

I shall paint you and dress you in brand new linens oh pretty! 

While they are still a work in progress I will definitely update you on some nice fabrics I find. Maybe an indoor/outdoor material that will withstand food and drink spillage. Until then, thanks for stopping by! What do you think of host/hostess chairs and benches for that matter? Please, leave a comment below!


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