Friday, July 20, 2012

Ramadan Crafts: Fasting Calendar

Happy Ramadan everyone! If you're not Muslim merry summer? (o: Today is the first day of Ramadan out here in the UAE. You still have a couple hours till suhoor in the west coast and are probably already having suhoor in the east coast. Today I wanted to share with you a quick craft to help your kids track and be proud of the number of days they've fasted. Even if they only fast a couple hours a day or fast between chicken nugget breaks haha (o: they can take part of this super fast, easy and fun craft.

Outlook Express or any calendar making program
8 1/2 x 11 paper
craft paper, glue stick, scissors or paper slicer

I asked my hubby to print out two large calendar's for me at work. But you can do this at home too. Size 8 1/2 x 11 is great so the kids have space to write in the box and admire it from a distance.

Then I practiced in pencil writing, what I  would have them print, where to position it and get an overall idea how it would look.
'Day's I've fasted'

Then I had the kids use my paper slicer and cut out a small rectangle to use as a legend or key and write symbols representing half day, and full day fasts. They can also write if they prayed too!

Z1: "Don't tell me you're putting this on your blog?"
me: um...yes? Notice my scattered Quran books? (o:

Z2 taking artistic charge of his calendar 

Z2's finished calendar

Z1's finished calendar

and they're....


Find a nice place in your home, probably where you plan on breaking fast, so they have easy access to mark their calendar. Don't let the rush of breaking fast stop you from marking each day finished. Maybe they can mark it a couple minutes before time. Your kids will be so proud to mark it each day even if they only fasted five minutes! Let them mark it everyday so at the end of Ramadan they can appreciate their hard work and look forward, instead of burdened, to fast! They will be so happy to share this with family and friends.

Taped to my kitchen doors

I know many of us will be busy praying, cooking, hosting, reading Quran, traveling to the mosque and visiting friends and family, and napping in-between all that (o: but make sure you don't drop the ball on crafting with your kids during Ramadan. It's crucial in keeping the spirit of Ramadan alive and making this holiday special for the little ones. EVEN teens! 

Thanks for stopping by! Now quick, before fasting starts!



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