Monday, July 2, 2012

Marble Art, I love you as much as the cake!

I'm so obsessed with art these days. Art in any form. I feel deprived of something fabulous, cool and expressive in the form  of art. Funny that I should feel that way because Islam is the only Abrahamic religion that incorporates so much art in our lives. Weather it's the poetic script of the Quran or the Architectural design of the mosques, or the patterns and designs hand drawn or carved on the walls, Islam is the most art indulged religion and here I am DEHYDRATED. 

Specifically, my most recent fascination has been with paper marble art. I've seen it pop up all over the web and it's just eye candy. I can't wait to try it, but haven't decided if I should scavenger for the supplies out here in the UAE or just take the easy rout and pick up all I need at the one stop shop. Michaels! That is when I visit Cali this summer. GOD WILLING!

The first time I came across marble paper art was via Sakina Design when they posted this article on Songül Sönmez. She is an amazing ebru artist. 

The meaning of ebru can shortly be described as the method of scattering insoluble paint over a dense water to achieve marbled paper. We don’t know the exact time in history when ebru art was invented, but we do know that some of the oldest ebru was done already in 9th century. Ebru was brought to Anatolia from Persia and Turkistan through the Silk Road. In 16th century European voyagers brought this art to Europe, especially to Germany, France and Italy. The art was called 'Turkish Marble Paper' or ‘Ebru’.

Check out the article to see more of her great work, the award she received and find out more about ebru art. Other bloggers around the web have also shared in their love for ebru. 

These pieces are perfect for hanging and using in home decor. 
I am so excited to do something like this at home. 

Photos above via Paper Mojo

Even nails are getting the marble treatment. Not exactly my cup of tea, with marble cake (hahaha), but it looks cool and just goes to show you the popularity of marble art. 

Captivating Claws and they sure are captivating :o)

 I don't think my nails will be seeing any color any time soon, but I'm definitely itching to try out some marble art. I found some easy techniques on YouTube that don't require the complexity of ebru paper marbling. Here is a shaving cream technique, this one is plain water and Marabu easy marble ink. This is real ebru marbling with some cultural music for your enjoyment (o: 

Now I must tend to my three kids who are going to kill me for not giving them the time of day!  NGTTTOD!


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