Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dubai, you so sandy!

Where do I begin? Let me start off by coughing up about 20 pounds, (9 kg for the rest of the world) of sand from the deepest part of my lungs and maybe even from my liver too. Yesterday was the worst sand storm I have ever experienced since moving to Dubai. And I literally got my self and my three kids in the house 10 minutes before it all started. YIKES

What makes DIY a little hard out here is a few things:
 I don't have a garage, I have a car port
It's super hot out here, 131 f = 55 c
super high humidity = no spray painting
random sand storms = sandy finish on my paint
Did I mention it's super hot and humid?

When I was done with my chalkboard coffee table I left my folding table and tarp out. Wholly precious tarp batman! When the storm kicked in I ran my butt out there and grabbed that thing so it wouldn't go flying away. Shoot it's a good thing I did because minutes after, my kids toys, and the folding table, amongst other things, FLEW around. I literally thought the table was going to fly into my window and break it. 

See the building in the distance? Of course you don't. It's blocked by SAND!

My folding table getting jiggy with my plants. More like crushing them.

Do you recognize what's on the ground?

Lattice removed from the wall, bikes toppled and is that a little bit of rain on the ground? 
Almost forgot what that looks like. 

Broken tree #1

broken tree #2

Actually, I counted about 6 broken trees and a the IT plaza building had a bunch of paneling blown off the side of the building. There was more of a mess than this, but I just didn't have the time to take more pics. My kids were kind of scared as was I, but they were scared of loosing their toys haha. In the end it just goes to show that how weak we are in the face of mother nature. It was an interesting experience to say the least, but thank God we are all ok! Did you see the storm yesterday? How did you feel about it? Would love to read your comments! Thanks for stopping by. 


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  1. whoa, it was a lot crazier on your side of town. i can't believe your folding table almost flew off! i was a bit freaked out because it NEVER gets this way in July here but we didn't any rain and it cleared up pretty quick so it was all okay :)


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