Saturday, July 7, 2012

Spiritual Friday: The balancing act

This is a blog focusing mainly on DIY and interior design, but I'm a huge believer in balance. So every friday (God willing) I will focus on spirituality with my "Spiritual Friday" posts.

It took me a long time to realize it was OK to have a "trivial" blog. I struggled with myself thinking at the rate of 100 mph (160 km ;o) if doing this was against my values. Don't judge me if the answer is obvious to you. Let me further explain why I felt this way. Last year and this year has been, and still is, politically charged. With revolutions all around the world my brain was filled with these images:

above four pics from this source

And of course who can forget the Tunisian, Lybian, Algerian, and Morrocan, revolutions. (I feel like I'm forgetting one.) Bahrain and Syria are still in progress. With all that, I also had to deal with people I knew and their political views that were like oil to my water of opinions. Just not mixing, but of course I must respectfully agree to disagree. However, I was stressed and I needed an outlet. I felt that starting an artistic blog was somehow abandoning important changes in history. 

Well, I was wrong and this is where the balancing act comes in. Life is not black and white like that. Life is color. Aside from the very clever and artistic posters and banners brought to Tahrir square, the Egyptian revolution brought out the artist in everyone including myself and those around me. 

My friend painted her pot. 

Last year, my sons school had "spirit week" and for one of the days each student could wear traditional clothing to school. I decided to make him an Egyptian Flag shirt in honor of the revolution. 

"Masr om el dunya" Egypt is the mother of the world

Tutorial coming up soon.

Ramy Essam sang this song at Tahrir Square that still gives me goose bumps.

Street art popped up. 

Artists became inspired.

So, you get my point. Even with the seriousness of bringing down a dictator, there is still room for art. And while there were other issues going on in my life that also hindered me from moving forward with this blog in the end I realized that balance is the key. It's ok to have this little outlet in my life. I love art, crafts and home decor, but I don't have to eat, sleep and drink it to enjoy it. To me, that's grounds for obsession and being a Muslim is all about balance. There you have my dose of "Spiritual Friday". Thanks for reading.


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