Friday, July 27, 2012

Indoor glass bottle herbs

Hello everyone! For those of you fasting, God willing your fasts are accepted! So I wanted to share with you my little indoor herb garden. I love plants around my house, whether it's potted plants or blooming flowers for a couple weeks. Unfortunately though, since we are travelers potted plants are scarce at home since I don't have anyone to plant them while I'm gone. And fresh flowers are the equivalent of my kids' school tuition. So...ummm.. yea, I'm not planning to spend that kind-o-money on plants that will die sooner than later. 

So I decided to pull some basil, mint, and wild flowers from my backyard and stick them in some pretty bottles I've collected out here. I've switched the plants out 3 or 4 times so far. 

First time around: basil and some green onions that sprouted from my brown onion. 
Love that two-for-one special lol.

See the beautiful basil sprouting in the back right? Smells great too!
This batch died after a small trip we took. Boo :o(

Seconed time around: Mint and basil only. 

So fresh, and pretty!

Third time around: kept track of how fast roots grew.

Kids loved watching the roots grow because it happened quickly.

Having clear glasses is perfect for displaying the roots once they fill in.
It's a great sight for the kids to see. Like a science experiment.

Mint roots.

Basil roots.

These pretty vessels used to be: a nescafe jar, water bottle, fanta soda bottle,
olive oil, lemon juice and sweat corn jars in their previous lives. 

It's amazing how pretty the jars and bottles that package our common foods and drinks. 

Next time you buy a drink or food product in a glass container, look at it and ask yourself: is it cute enough to be a vase? Most likely it is. You can even put some fresh flowers and gift it to your host during Ramadan iftar or any occasion for that matter. Cheap and beautiful. Best combo ever! And you don't even need soil. For the record, my third batch died after almost 2 months, my previous batches died of neglect. Sorry ;o(  So what do you say? Think you can pull off this easy project? Give it a try! Thanks for stopping by!


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