Saturday, July 7, 2012

Carlos Souza's nic-nacs

I'm an avid reader of Habitually Chic and let me just tell you Heather Clawson is one seriously chic ( pronounced sheek, not chic or shaikh :o) lady. Her style is eye candy to me and her knowledge of design is endless. She recently posted on Carlos Souza's apartment in New York.

I wasn't a huge fan of the entire apartment, but a couple things really struck me as just beautiful. By the way, if an artist interprets their vision in a way you can't understand or don't like, labeling the result as not being your style is much more friendly and accurate than simply calling it ugly. With that said, I can assure you there are also seriously and deservingly ugly rooms. This however is not one of them.

First of all, the bed spread, cover, linens, whatever the proper terminology is, is beautiful! Seriously, that exclamation point means i'm screaming at you, it's that lovely. Don't miss that pillow either. I would have never thought to coordinate those two together, but here they are a match made, NYC to be exact :o)

Photographed by 

Photographed by Habitually Chic via Refinery29

Same style bedding appeared in Elle Decor. LOVE IT. 
Sorry, I couldn't find the link to this pic.

 Then there were these doors! Again I'm yelling. It was just the doors, but the grouping of yellow walls, whit trim and then the dark doors. It looks black to me, though it could also be a deep navy. Either way, it looks eclectic in a sophisticated way.

Photographed by Habitually Chic via Refinery29

Then this little creature popped up. It looked familiar. first I thought a twist on Power Puff Girls. Then I remembered and exhibit I just saw last week at Dubai Mall. I wonder if this piece and the ones from Dubai Mall are related.

Photographed by Habitually Chic via Refinery29

This is the art I saw at Dubai Mall. There were hundreds of these little statues on display, but I could only snap a few for the sake of time. Dubai Mall frequently has art displays. 

They looked so similar to the statue from Souza's apartment, I thought maybe, just maybe the artist is the same? I don't even know who the artist is of these from the mall. I think I need to go back and take a closer look. Either way, it's interesting how once you notice something all of a sudden it starts appearing every wear. Where as before it might not have even dawned on you. Has that ever happened to you before? Thanks for stopping by.


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