Friday, March 29, 2013

Window Shopping: Target

Happy Friday all! I haven't had the chance to work on my "Spiritual Friday" post for today, but God willing I'll have it done by the evening. In the mean time, here are some windows shopping finds I enjoyed and wanted to share with you all. If your are from the states you can attest to the fond love many of us have out here for Target. I'm glad the UAE doesn't have a Target, because if they did, the prices would be more expensive, the quality would be crap and there would be no returns. That's just how the UAE rolls.

Just two days after I arrived (jet lagged and barely able to stay awake :o) I headed on over to target and found cute purses, stationary and interesting decor from Nate Berkus. Check it out...
Mint + Polka dot Clutch

Floral Clutch

Salmon Clutch
 They had a ton of cheeky stationary. I don't know about you, but I am a SUCKER for stationary. If I could I would have bought all of these!

Left card: "Thanks, you made my brain go weeee.." 
Right card: "OMG, Thank You."

These trays were only 1 or 2 dollars

I think this table was from the Threshold line. Very cute.

Turtle shells from Nate Berkus. Hmmm... would you hang these on your wall? I"m still debating.

Clearance!! Jump on these folks they are so cute and more importantly cheap! 

So, if you are in the area and haven't been to Target recently, check them out. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Friday and weekend out there in the UAE!


P.s. The comments in this post are mine only. This is not a sponsored post, and Target has not payed me to say any of the above mentioned. Heck, they don't even know I exist lol. :o)

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