Friday, March 8, 2013

Spiritual Friday: Soul Searching

Happy Friday all! It's officially Friday out here in the UAE, but since I didn't change the settings on my personal computer, the posts are always set to California time. So a happy Thursday night to you out there in the west (o: 

Every Friday my family and I go to the Mosque to listen to the weekly Khutbah, (sermon) and hopefully get some spiritual rejuvenation. I look forward to this day, it's the highlight of my week. For one, it's the time I can force myself to let go of the world (obligations, stress, mean people etc.) Secondly, Islamic architecture is my favorite eye candy. It's so soothing to sit in a prayer room so nicely decorated with fretwork.

Local Mosque located in Oud Metha, Dubai
When I listen to the sermon while sitting amongst the beauty of the architecture, I get lost in it all. It's such a great feeling. The vibe sparks my imagination and the thought of heaven and the beauty of it takes over my mind. It's a beauty that doesn't even exist on earth. Oh the thought! I can't wait to see what heaven looks like. This gives me hope and a goal that if I continue to be the best person I can be-- honest, kind, understanding, always asking God for forgiveness, forging those around me-- then heaven will be my final destination (God willing.) 

What I love the most about having a connection with God is the infinite comfort I feel. There is no human or perfectly designed home that can give me that comfort. A false sense of comfort, yes, but a true sense of comfort, absolutely not. Life is stressful for everyone in different ways. Since I started this blog, I feel more stressed. I don't want to slack off, I don't want to let others down or myself. It's sooo competitive and not all fellow bloggers are the sweetest of people. People still forget there is a human on the other side of the screen. When that all gets to be too much, I turn to God and He sends me comfort. He instills a feeling deep in my heart that everything will be O.K. 

I am reminded that when I die this blog and the stress of it will not matter. What will matter is the vibe I emit regardless of all that happens to me in my life. The vibe I emit as a person, be it via my blog or in person, is what counts. The positive attitude on life, the inspirational projects, the balance of nurturing my physical life and nurturing my soul, these are the things that will matter. That is my purpose in life. To live with the best positive attitude and make it contagious and (God willing) as a result I will be rewarded. 
 Crown molding
Crown molding from a different angle. 
So with that, I ask you: do you make time for a little soul searching? Do you try figure out what your purpose is in life, or have you let your goals, ambitions and worldly things overwhelm you? Where do you find your true sense of comfort and are there designs out there that sparks spiritual uplifting in your heart?
The dividing wall between the main entrance and the parking lot. 
The best part about living in Dubai, is seeing an abundant amount of beautiful Mosques and having the luxury of praying one of the five prayers any where you want while being out. There are mini mosques at the gas stations for travelers, as well as prayer rooms in malls, zoos, water parks and all attraction sites and of course traditional free-standing Mosques.

At the end of the day, this isn't about what religion is right or wrong, it's about how much do you know and trust  your creator. I am a proud servant of the lord and grateful that He has showed me the light. I hope that you have a stable sense of comfort and trust in your life! Wishing you a blessed and happy weekend! Thanks for stopping by!


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