Friday, March 29, 2013

Mixed Art Gallery Wall

Hello, hello! I am terribly sorry for the jet lag in posting. Flying across the world can really take a toll on a person. Will you forgive me if I share my cute wall gallery today? Plus I'll be sharing more fun stuff this week! Yay!

Ok. Gallery wall. Collage gallery art. Eclectic art arrangements. What ever you want to call them, the point is I've finally built up the courage to create one in my own home. I love looking at these gallery art walls, but sometimes they can be intimidating, busy, and just not something I want to see. Every. Single. Day. I decided to create a mini version on a small wall, kind of on the side that I can enjoy with out being overwhelmed.

Here are the tutorials for the wreath, matted art, feather art, and coin art

I think I was subconsciously thinking of the colors in the adjacent rug and made all the art on the right in coordinating colors. :o) I love when things work out like that. So what do you think? I'm enjoying it and actually stop to admire it many times throughout the day. It's mixed up, but not more than I can handle on a day-to-day basis. What do you think of the mismatched gallery wall look? Do you have it in your home? Would you try it out if you had the chance? Thanks for stopping by!


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