Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cigar Box Turned Remote Control Storage Box

Hello there! Let's talk remote controls. They're ugly. The end. (o: Ok, not the end, but we can all agree these devices are ugly right? What better than to store the remote controls away in a cute little box? A cigar box to be exact. 

Remote Control Storage Box 

To be honest, I don't remember how this box became a part of our family. No one smokes cigars, but I'm guessing we either found it at one point in the "free stuff" box near the trash bin or we picked it up at the thrift store. By "we" I mean my mom and I, before I was married. Yea, it's that old lol. 

I gave it a light sand. You can see a fine dust there.
Then used my tack cloth to wipe it down. 
I started inside with hot pink just to get an idea. Continue or abort mission? 
Continue! As you can see I left the logo as is. No primer or anything. Lazy me. 
After a single coat it was not looking good. So I added another coat and the writing was hardly noticeable. I learned from my mistake though and made sure to cover up the writing on the top before painting the final color. 
I used acrylic white paint (not even primer) and it worked just fine. First in the crevice of the text (it was embossed in the wood).
Then I painted another full layer across the entire top. You can hardly see the logo. Perfect!
I used kelly green for the outside. 
I used two coats of the kelly green.
Let's back track for a second. Before I started painting I made a template for the inside to create a fitted padding. Can I just say, if you ever buy a Mac of any kind SAVE THE BOX. I've never seen such high-end padding and cardboard. Great for future crafts.
Love you Macbook!
I placed the box over a plastic protector so I wouldn't damage my table. It's barely visible, but IT'S THERE. Then, I placed the template over the foam and used my x-acto knife to cut it out. The cardboard is extremely strong so you need to put a lot of strength into it. 

The foam didn't come out perfect, but it was ok. I simply stuck strips of foam in the gaps and it all stayed in place. I might glue it all down because of my kids, but so far so good.
And there you have it! I love the surprise pink. Makes getting the remote more exciting lol. I try to keep my expectations in life balanced. (o: 
The logo is more visible in this pic than in person. It's hardly noticeable to be honest. 

The kids have been great about putting the remotes in it. Now we the kids don't lose them like they used to. It's a cute accent and keeps those eye sores away. Do you have a special place for all your remotes? A box, drawer, basket? Leave a comment below with your solutions or dilemmas. Thanks for stopping by!!!


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