Thursday, November 1, 2012

Things I miss from Cali, my home

Being back in LA gave me mixed feelings. Sometimes when you leave a place with nice memories, those memories get replaced with annoying ones when you return again. Life has moved on with out you and it feels grim. On the happier note, my kids had a great time and made great memories for themselves which is good enough for me.

Any way, some of the things I miss about the U.S. is thrift shopping. That concept isn't too popular out here. I mentioned Dubizzle before, our Craigslist of the Mid East. But, actual, physical flee markets and thrift stores are not too popular. Some of the cool things I found back in LA and wish I could have brought back with me...

...THIS CHASE!! It was in perfect shape. No smell and could easily be reupholstered. I don't remember the price, I just remember dirt cheap. One could have kept it as is, if you love this green, or personalize it. 

 Sleigh bed. Oh the possibilities! It had some chips here and there, but nothing a little patching and new paint couldn't fix. The texture of it was beautiful and the frame was in  great shape. Painting it would have made it look like a million bucks and one of a kind.

Looks like a herringbone pattern.

Matching lamp for the above bedroom set? This lamp has a FANTASTIC shape. And the bamboo lines are just lovely. Throw on a new lamp shade, spray paint it white and you'll have your self a very crisp, classy and affordable new lamp.

Dining room chairs!!!! This was a set of six I believe. Chairs are beyond expensive these days. This thrift store located in Granada Hills has awesome sales all the time; 50% off every Tuesdays, manager sales, this sale that sale. I think the 6 were under $75 bucks. That's a steel! New fabric and spray paint will not only get you a brand spanking new set, but save you hundreds.

Need a new coffee table? With matching end table? The spindle legs on this are super cute and trending now. Again, these pieces were on sale, perfect condition. What more could you ask for? Just wipe it down, give it a light sanding and instant new and classy furniture.

Patio furniture anyone? This was quite the colorful set. I actually took this pic from the window, they had already closed. Do you see the matching kid set ( square table and chairs) to the right just behind the dolly? If you don't like the rainbow theme this set could also be easily spray painted. If you are worried about chipping don't. Just use outdoor spray. Even "high end" furniture can chip over time so don't worry about it. Use the right products, take care of your stuff, (don't let it sit in water and snow etc) and your furniture will last a long time.

I wish I could have taken these items home and given them new life. )o: You wont find these items now, but if you are interested in this store it's the Salvation Army located on Balboa blvd. for you Valley folks. So what are the awesome finds you brought home on a dime? Leave a comment below, thanks all!!


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