Sunday, November 11, 2012

From clutter to cute accessories

 Good morning, bloggland! Hope this post reaches you in the best of happiness and if not, don't worry, happiness is on the way. It just might have taken a small detour. (o:

Today's post is about some clutter I had that I finally put into good use. Part of my husband's job is attending conventions. Most recently he was representing Alcatel-Lucent at Gitex in Dubai. All the companies usually pass out nicknacks with the company logo plastered elegantly written all over the nicknacks they are passing out. Some times it's a hat, pens, flash lights, picture frames, kid size baseball bats. The items are random. So my hubby brought us a ton of crap super cute things I could use around the house (o: Thanks habibi, love you!!

Exhibit A: Clip picture holder. It had a logo printed on it that just didn't match the style of my home ;o) First, I taped up the wire. I wanted to leave it silver. Then I gave it a quick light sanding, and sprayed some Krylon in Gold. Finished faster than I finished this post.

Used regular Scotch tape.

Always good to at least, lightly sand anything you paint so the paint holds on better.

Came off super fast. 

Nice clean surface.


All done, nice and pretty!! 

Some times, when I see so much clutter my brain locks down and I start throwing things out. I'm glad I saved these. Simple, but pretty, don't you think? I love taking photos of beautiful flower arrangements. These flowers were a gift back in 2004. I'll probably switch the photos out with pics of my kids. Until next time... 



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