Sunday, November 18, 2012

DIY Bone White Turkey Platter

Look, but don't touch! This Turkey is just for the lookin' not for eating on. Back in California, my mom had been working next to a thrift store that frequently had awesome stuff. One of the things she found was a fiesta inspired turkey platter for....wait for it.... 5 bucks and I think it had a discount too. WIN! While some might have liked the platter in all its colorful glory, I felt it would match my kitchen better in a classic white.

Usually, platters and things made for food have a marking on the back that say "oven safe" dishwasher safe" etc. Or it would say say "not for food". This platter didn't say either. It was completely blank. So I was never comfortable serving food on it and gave myself the "OK" to spray away. Ha! That rhymed.

The final product...

Here is Mr. Color ME Badd before:
 ;o) I couldn't help myself guys. 
Here we go...Rainbow Turkey Glory

I used Krylon H2O which I love! Water based, easy to clean if you make a mistake and holds on for dear life. Ace, on the other hand, is a POCG. (Peace of crap garbage) Their Metallics and Primers are HORRIBLE. Metallics rub off on EVERYTHING and primers stick like humans on walls. The white wasn't bad, but was so thin I needed 3+ coats. Keep away from Ace brand sprays. Just sayin' 

Final product turned out great.

 I love color, when used appropriately. That previous turkey just wasn't working for my kitchen. Classic white is timeless and no matter what trends-in or trends-out (I just made those up ;o) bone white will also hold a special place in the decorating world. Hope you enjoyed. By the way, don't forget contest ends Monday November 19 midnight PST. Winner will be announced Tuesday morning. 


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