Friday, November 9, 2012

Let there be light! Please!! Chandelier shopping.

Hello all!! Today, I went virtual shopping for a chandelier. We've been living just over a year with two light bulbs. One in the living room and one in the dinning room. Our house, I mean villa, is an open floor plan so it's really just one big space with areas defined by the light fixture above it.

Not only has it been ugly, but also quite dim with 2 bulbs lighting up these two large spaces. Here are some things I found over at Dubbizle. I'll sort it from "most wow" and totally unaffordable to "least wow", but still cute and affordable.

At a whopping 4,000 AED/ $1,089 USD, this was definitely way out of my price range. It's also Ginormous!! It's almost 2 meters/ 6.5 feet long. I could put it in my stairwell. It would actually be perfect, but I can't swallow or justify spending that much on one thing. Temptation is STRONG people!! Someone hold me down!!

So the above and below lamps are not chandeliers, but are really cute. I'm thinking maybe they would work for now and maybe later add a chandelier? Still thinking. The pair is for 500 AED/$136 bucks isn't too bad. Hmmm.....

Totally random! This isn't an electric chandelier it's a hanging candelabra. It's an antique and brass which I thought was really cute. Not suitable for my space, but I had to share. In the right space this would definitely be a cool conversation starter. Priced at 249 AED/$67.79 not too bad for a candle holder. 

This piece is similar, but wired. Although it needs rewiring, it has potential. The shape is classic, it's also brass, but paint it any color and you have a very unique piece. Painted chandeliers are a never-ending trend in my book. I would have bought it if I didn't have to rewire. At 299 AED/ $81.00 USD + some paint and it's perfect. 

Hopefully, if this is still available, we'll bring her home. I think she is the winner. Granted, it's black and I have no black in my house, but, in the words of Al Capone: let me introduce you to my little friend! Spray paint, not an oozy lol. Although they do shoot the same ha! Some turquoise spray paint and it will be perfect for my space. It's a bit to blingy for my taste with the beads, but the best I could find on Dubizzle so far. At 450 AED/$122.00 bucks, I am going to bargain a bit. Wish me luck and lets see what happens. 

Take care all!


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