Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DIY Vase + Twine Birdhouse

Peace and greetings to you all.  While most of the northern hemisphere is experiencing some sort of winter and the departure of most birds, we here in the UAE have begun our normal summer. We have two seasons: hell and normal summer which some like to call winter. Ha! Mind you, I haven't seen real rain in the almost year and a half I've been living in Dubai. 

Since the birds are back now, I felt it was time to make a bird house. I am really excited about this bird house because I think it's the first project I thought of that I haven't seen anywhere online, however the inspiration for it did come from currently trending twine light fixtures. I'm sorry the tutorial isn't really clear as I don't know how to explain how to wrap twine around a vase, so I took a ton of pics to show you the steps I took. Hope it's not too confusing. 

I started with a plain glass vase and some twine from Walmart (USA) Together, under $5
As much as I hate Ace brand spray paint, I have to finish the cans I have before I buy something else. 

I used gray Krylon primer to spray the outside of the vase. This created a dark interior so the birds would feel safe and cozy. I wanted the house to be dark inside. Then I sprayed white on that to create a bright contrasting background for they twine.

I started by leaving six inches of twine loose and glued the bottom of it to the vase 
and wrapped once around the center of the vase.

Then I began to wrap diagonally partially covering the whole. The whole was too big and 
I wanted to make it smaller. I felt a smaller whole would keep out predators 

I continued in a pattern.

Here you can see my original horizontal wrap.

Pattern is starting to show.

Notice how pretty the white with the twine is?

Make sure you glue generously so the twine doesn't unravel later.

Make sure you wear your best black skirt so it can get nice and dirty. ;oP

I didn't want too much of an uniformed look so I wrapped in a more organic pattern.

In the end, I took the end of these string and tied it to the original 6 inch piece I left when I started. This insured a sturdy attachment to the bird house. 

And the final product. Notice the dark interior. 

It turned out almost exactly how I expected it. The time it took was longer than expected though, about 45 minutes to wrap. It's really pleasing to look at. It's like garden eye candy Don't you think? I would love to read your comments, so feel free to leave one below. Thanks for stopping by!


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