Friday, January 17, 2014

Spiritual Friday: Setting and Organizing My Goals

Hello Debdoozlers! I know my spiritual Friday posts are few and far between, but I guess you can say I’m about quality not quantity. Of course it sounds cliché, but it’s the truth, plus I hate rushing to put things out there and find that what I’ve posted is a bunch of crap. Here I am now doing it right or at least trying (o:

2014! I am so stoked about this upcoming year. My health isn’t up to par, my time management is still under works and my kids, well, my kids are a handful, and the hubster is so consumed by work that when he does have time for us, it throws off our routine lol.

You must be thinking-- what am I so excited about then? A lot actually. We have been in Dubai for 2 ½ years now and I am starting to feel a sense of home and structure :-). I know where most places are, I am not getting lost half as much as I used to and I learned a lot these past few months and I am so ready to apply new approaches to whatever amount of life I have left to live.

There is one very influential person who I discovered about a month ago that I want to give credit to. His name is Jesse Brisendine. He is a well-known life coach, and motivational speaker amongst many other things. When I first came across his Facebook page 1 Year 1000 Things Challenge I was really drawn. To be honest, he wasn’t saying anything new, but he was saying things I wasn’t hearing enough and needed to be reminded of -- how to "live an extraordinary life."

Pictured: Jesse Brisendine with the most beautiful and uplifting backdrop of the sky. 
"Life can get loud and chaotic for us all. When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the noise take a few moments for you, find a quiet place, and just be with your thoughts. " -Jesse Brisendine

Jesse's endless motivational tips to live physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger came at the most perfect time of my life. I mean in general I am a pretty happy person and I can't complain about my current state, but everyone could use a tune-up every now-and-then. After reading up on his posts I felt like I needed a tune-up and quick, but I didn't know where to start. I knew I had goals to accomplish, but I didn't know how to achieve them. 

This week I found out he would be posting a USTREAM video and talk about very detailed and specific tips on setting goals and successfully and realistically reaching your targets. He aired it live this past Sunday, but it's recorded and still available to watch.

It was like he heard my thoughts and made the video just for me. The reality is that so many people are just like me. We all have goals and accomplishments we want to reach, we're just not sure how to approach them. His tips were beyond useful and even the hubster was interested in what Jesse had to say so, I wanted to share some of Jesse's tips on organizing and setting your goals.

1. Determine your priorities and why they are your priorities.
2. Make small goals for each and state why it will help you accomplish the main goal.
3. Make a timeline (set deadlines) for each goal. He gives a gas tank metaphor to help you understand.
4. Accountability for each goal. Basically finding someone to support you in meeting your goals. 

The points may seem vague, but if you check out his video and listen to all his examples and explanations you'll get it. It's very quick, clear and to the point, and he even answers questions in the end that may cover some questions you might have. Did I mention it's FREE? :-) It was the best and most useful 30 minutes I spent this week. As a matter of fact, the very night I watched his seminar I started to make notes for my goals, and the next day I started working out.

I'm currently working on my small goals to make sure I don't slack off on my larger goal. I will be setting a timeline up also. For the fourth point, I just need to find someone to check in with who will help me stay on track. I'm debating if I should report to you all on the blog or report directly to Jesse since it was his idea. :-p I'm totally joking, I don't even know the guy lol. 

I was excited to share what I learned with you all and hope it's as beneficial to you as it is to me. Maybe someone who is in the same position as me, wanting to make big changes but not sure where or how to start, will be encouraged like I was. We all have moments of positives and negatives, but if you don't want to be sucked into a life of pure negativity or want to learn how to repel the negativity that is dumped on you, you really need to surround your self with motivational people, even if it has to be a stranger whose job is to motivate others.

Jesse's gorgeous shots of the Santa Barbara sunrises/ sunsets alone are enough to put a smile on your face and give you the uplifting boost to not just start a brand new day, but seize that day! Go check out all the other beautiful photos he's posted on his page. A big 'thank you' to Jesse for his tips and inspiration and constant push for everyone to "live an extraordinary life." Thanks again for stoping by!

Carpe Diem 

NOTE: This is not a sponsored post. I have not been paid or given anything in return for this post, however, I did get Jesse's permission to share his content. All comments and opinions are mine and mine alone.

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