Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Experimenting With Scotch Tape Expressions:Part 2

Hey all! This is my first post for 2014! Can you believe 2013 has gone by so fast? Of course you can't, but here we are :o). If you remember a couple posts ago I experimented with Scotch Expressions tape and wasn't too happy with the results. I gave it a second chance thinking that maybe the problem was the material I used the tape on. In that case it was vinyl. This time I tested the tape out on cardboard. I had a small cardboard box that I use to store the pedal and cord for my sewing machine. It was ugly and falling apart. I strengthened the box with regular tape then decorated it with the Scotch Expressions. 
Small cardboard box.
 Starting from the top, I wrapped the tape around until I reached my starting point and cut the tape. I repeated for each row following. 
When I got to the last row, the tape hung over. I cut the corners and folded the tape down to the bottom of the box.

Folding the excess tape this way left a clean finish and prevented the tape from pealing back.
 Then I used card stalk paper from my scrap pile. I used a sheet in a coordinating color. I cut it down to the size of the bottom of the box.
 I glued the card stalk to the bottom of the box. Not only did this create a professional finish, but it guaranteed the tape would stay in place.

Looks so much better doesn't it? I was happy with the result despite the tape still not adhering to the cardboard as strongly as I expected. Ultimately, the quality is just not up to par. Like  I mentioned before, considering that Scotch is a very well known and good quality brand, I was surprised to see the Scotch Expressions line with such poor quality. Have you seen these tapes around? if you do come across them, try it out and let me know  how you enjoyed them. 

Happy New Year to you all and thanks for stopping by! 


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