Monday, January 13, 2014

Bursting With Turquoise -- Old Mosque in Dubai's Old Souk

A week ago a friend from Los Angeles was in town, so I put on my tour guide cap and took her to my favorite place. The Dubai Old Souk. I never get sick of that place. It's one of the oldest places in Dubai (if not the oldest) and frankly it's a breath of fresh air next to all the new and modern architecture. Near the Souk is a very old Mosque. I think it's an Iranian Mosque just from the style of the tile. Iranian mosques are famous for intricate and colorful turquoise tile. It is definitely aging and needs major repair, but it is one gorgeous mosque that leaves me gazing at it forever! Here are some pics for you all to enjoy!

It's so dreamy. I love this mosque. I think it is my all time favorite and am so happy that I'm finally sharing it with you all. What do you think? Have you seen a more beautiful structure on your end of the world or a place you've visited. Leave a comment below and thanks for stopping by! 


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