Friday, May 17, 2013

The Old Souq, Dubai

Hey friends! It's the weekend out here and I wanted to share some of the unique gifts I got for friends and family on my last trip back home. Unfortunately, I had to come back with some of these gifts as I didn't get to see everyone I intended on. :o( At least they are immortalized in blog land for the world to enjoy, well, visually enjoy lol.

Get ready for some fun touristy eye candy!!

The irony of buying money. It was definitely fun looking through this bucket, but still kind of weird to buy money. Look carefully and you'll find some American pennies. Ha! 

After a little bit of digging, I found this really old Indian coin, though not sure if it's technically a rupi. I loved it's floral shape and added it to my coin art

Leather sandals. 

Can you guess what these are?

Scarves! Bright, cheery and so fun.

My favorite! Traditional Emirati tea kettles. You can actually use for tea. 

Decorative plates, though the seller will tell you it's either Iranian or Turkish. 
Not associated with Emirati culture. 
Close-up of the beautiful workmanship. 

More decorative bowls.

Lantern lamps.
Chandelier lanterns.
Candle lanterns. It's a slight obsession. ;o)

Hand made quilts. Like I used to cover up my electrical panel.

Poufs and pillows. 
Flat disk-like poufs. 

If you pass by this store, Pitumal Pradeep, be careful. He has great stuff, but his prices are high! You'll have to have a ton of patience to bargain down a significant amount. 

More shirts and hand crafted hanging quilts. 

The cutest little camel purses! 
Another cute purse, clips just below the rings. More of a clutch actually.
Flat vase.
Ebony and mother of pear decorative box. 
Ghutra style scarves. Similar to the traditional scarves Emirati men wear on their head, but these colors are trending and definitely not the norm. These were great gifts for the men. They work great around the neck.
Emirati men and women in the form of pens. These were adorable and clever. I gave these mainly to the kids, but they are witty and fun for co-workers too. 

And there you have some of the nicknack treasures I brought back from the UAE. There are tons more things out there of course, but you'll just have to come out here your self and hunt them down. ;o) Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! 


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