Sunday, May 19, 2013

Having Fun With a Glass Swan Vase

Many moons ago, I want to say almost 8 years ago, my mom bought me the tiniest bouquet for mothers day that came in a simple and delicate glass swan vase. It was so cute. I hadn't seen anything like it before. I saved it and recently rediscovered it and figured, let me do something new with it.

I thought it would be so fun to fill it up completely with tinted water. No flowers, just water and food coloring. The results were so bright and gave the vase more depth and appreciation. 

How fun would this be for a themed party? 
Essentially any pretty shaped vase could be filled with tinted water. 
All the colors diffused so beautifully which made this project that much more enjoyable.
Though, the green was the most amusing to watch dilute into the water. 
Trying to spread the color throughout the neck and up to the head of the swan. Took a lot of shaking to get the color evenly throughout. 
Some of my favorites...
                                   Dark green                           Light Green
I started with a dark green then diluted it with water to create a lighter shade. 
                                 Ombre effect                                   Solid red
The ombre effect happened accidentally as I was trying to spread the red up through the neck. The dye just kind of stayed there. What a perfect shot. 
Yellow was gorgeous and the 'belly' of the swan had an orange tint even though I only used yellow dye. Be careful though, that yellow dye sticks to skin like skin to bones. 
And of course blue. Got to love that deep blue! 

One vase, endless options for color and usage. It doesn't dawn on most people that vases could be used without flowers, but if you have vases around your home, especially with unique shapes, the options are endless for decorating. You can spruce up your everyday decorating or do something special and unique for an even or occasion. This is also a great and cheap way to test out new colors in your home with out committing to buying something other than food dye. Hope this opened a plethora of ideas for you to try in your home! Thanks again for stopping by! 



  1. Where can I buy 2 of these swans.

  2. So it's 10 years on and you've probably forgotten you wrote this but I swear you're the only other person that knows how to use these! This is exactly how my grandmother used hers back in 80s, and she would change the colors out for the holidays.


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