Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More Surprises at More Cafe

Hello all! I have to say, these days I am pooped! I've been driving my kids all over Dubai for activities and while I swore I wouldn't be that soccer mom, here I am, being just that. My point? Well, some times I need a lovely cup of jo, like this one, with a pretty spoon too!

After dropping of my oldest at his activity for the day, I decided to stop by More Cafe. I had been there once before, had a great experience and thought I would rest there instead of the noisy location my son was at. 
More Cafe inside and out. Located at the Gold and Diamond Park, Dubai. 

To my surprise this wasn't your typical More. It had a mini library section and a large conference style table equipped with power outlets to connect your electronics. Not your droopy worn out Starbucks couches. What's even more cool is they have a program or system if you will, where you can bring in 5 of your own new or used books and trade them in for 5 of their books. Unfortunately you can't buy, a trade is a must. 

I moseyed on over and picked up one non-fiction and unexpectedly found an awesome book on tiles!! Ohhhhh, this book was sooooooooo fun! 

The Art of Tile by Jen Renzi
This book may be old news for most, but it's new to me and might be for you too. Since I couldn't buy this book and I didn't have 5 on hand to trade, I decided to take a few pics of my favorite tiles. With out influencing you too much, I'll let you decide what you like out of my personal favorite pics. 

Up close of the above pic.

Tile in a pixilated form. 
What I loved the most was it's layout. She categorized all the styles ( and there are hundreds) perfectly. it was a great resource especially for someone who doesn't know much about tiles and wants name references, inspiration for usage amongst other things. I'm definitely going back to get my hands on this, that's if no one else has snatched it up :o) Hope you enjoyed this little surprise tidbit of tile education. ;o) Thanks for stopping by.


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