Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Planting a Pineapple

Hey folks!! Happy New Year! Even though I'm about 23 days late, it's better late than never, right?! Things were a bit hectic with visitors flying in, daily outings, and my poor time management in full throttle. ;o) Will you forgive me if I show you how to plant a pineapple? Great! Let's get started.

If you've been around for a bit you know I love planting anything. Seriously, anything that looks like it can grow a root, I stick in water and wait for those white beauties to sprout. One day, I was browsing the blog pages and found a blogger had briefly mentioned in an unrelated post a that her mom stuck a pineapple in some soil and a new pineapple sprouted. I couldn't believe it. But, since her post wasn't actually about the pineapple, she didn't give a tutorial on it.

Sooooo, long story longer, :o) I decided to take my pineapple crown and stick it in water and wait for the show.

My pineapple beauty. :o)

Basically, I cut the crown off the pineapple and stuck it in water. After a week or so 
these little roots sprouted. I decided to peal off the dead leaves. You can see them 
in the bottom of the sink. 

I left it in the water for roughly a month. 

As you can see more roots sprouted. At this point, I decided to plant it in soil, but
in retrospect, I should have left it in the water longer to give the roots more time to grow,
but as you can see in the picture the leaf tips were drying up and I didn't know if that was a bad  sign. 

This was the only planter I had around so I filled it up with potting solid 
and put some fertilizer on top. 

Ta Da! This bucket was the home of an Edible Arrangement. It came with a plastic insert
that you can slightly see if you look closely. 

Incase you were curious. (o: 

This bucket is way too small, but it bought me time to find a bigger pot. 

I can't wait to see how big it grows. God Willing!! I've already repotted into a bigger pot, which I will be showing you ASAP. So what do you think? Would you consider replanting your pineapple or any other fruit that you happen to like? Are you willing to wait a while before it starts producing fruit? I'm not really sure how long this will take. I read 3 years online, but I'm willing to wait and watch it grow. You tube some "how to plant a pineapple" video and you'll find a lot cool stuff out there. In the mean time, take care and thanks for stopping by! 


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