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Birthday Dinner at Saray Sofra: Turkish Restaurant Review

Hey All. Well Today is the 31st and I'm sad to see January go. I love the month of January. It's the first month of the year, it's winter for the northern hemisphere (except Dubai where it's summer year-round) and best of all, my birth month! Not just me, but a ton of other people. I have met so many people who not only share the same birth month, but the same day too! It's always fun to meet someone who shares the same birth date.

Any way, since we were new in Dubai last year I didn't do anything out of the ordinary, but this year! Oh this year was FUN! Fun comes in doing things you love with those you love. For me, I've been obsessing over Turkey lately; learning the language, watching the famous soaps, and GOD WILLING!!! planing a trip! I cannot get enough of Turkey it seems like. So, the hubster surprised me with dinner at a great tasting and beautifully decorated Turkish restaurant in the heart of Dubai. Score!!

It was our first time going to Saray Sofra ( palace table or table of the palace) and the first thing that struck me was the decor. Oh, there is nothing like a beautiful atmosphere to really open-up ones appetite. Unfortunately, I only had my iPhone to take pics and even if I had my SLR, I don't think the other guests would like me taking pics like I'm prepping a spread in ELLE decor. HA! The thought.

Any way, I did my best with the iPhone so bare with me. First of all, honest to God! The same day we went out for dinner I saw this pic posted by Kung Pik Liu of Sakina Design on her FB page. I was just mesmerized. I think these are some of the most beautiful lantern lighting I've seen. Living out in the UAE you see a lot of these, but many times the quality is bad and they look tacky.

Check out Sakina's pinterest page for more inspiration
 and original sourcing. 

So you can imagine my shock AND excitement when I walked into Saraya Sofra only to find....

... those beauties hanging all over the restaurant! Plus #1 for me.

Look at the patterns they give off onto the wall. Just lovely. 

These images obviously don't do them justice, but in person they set the perfect mood.
Isn't it so ironic though that the same day I saw those lanterns on FB I end up seeing them in person?
That is truly a gift from God. 

Moving on to the service, a plus, and the food, double plus! After you are seated a lovely hostess comes with this beautiful tray filled with these small shot-glass sized lemon-mint drinks. Actually, I'm not 100% sure it had mint in it, but it tasted like mint, smelled like mint so it had to be a duck. (o: Those drinks were beyond refreshing, not only did my kids gulp them down, but they shamelessly adoringly asked for more. As did I. Hey. It was my birthday remember? 

Those little dome covered dishes with the yellow tassel 
come with the most perfectly square sugar coated
Turkish delight I've ever seen.  

Refreshing lemon-mint drink.

Digital menues on an iPad. 

We were served our menus, I mean iPads, which made ordering fun for the kids and adults alike. Each person, including the kids, got their own and sifting through the options was fun and easy and kept the kids calmly occupied. Before you get too excited, you cannot surf the web or play games on it, and it's taken away just after you order like any other menu. 

I believe that was the hubsters dish.

 Can't remember the name of his dish, but I believe it was lamb based, saucy and placed on bread. I ordered a chicken platter (can't remember the name of that either) What's important is that the food was really good and reasonably priced. It's a bit on the high end price wise, but not outrageous and we definitely got what we paid for. Fantastic. Even the kids ordered chicken, that, unlike other restaurants, was actually soft and edible. No complaints from anyone. 

Forget the hubster and Z3 for a moment. Take a look at the floor behind them. It was a beautiful mix of wood and tile. The two tone wood with the bright white tile in the middle gave the floor dimension without being too busy. I couldn't stop staring at. Never thought of mixing wood and tile let alone think that they would work together. 

The couch upholstery was cute too. Bringing in a little Islamic theme with the pattern.   

Kids are going nuts after eating about 30 pieces of Turkish delight. 

There is that cute plate with the the Turkish delight
and the cute little kid who ate it all up!

Enjoying my tea.

Reflection of the lanterns in the glass window behind me. 

More lights and beautiful ceiling work.
Sorry for the poor photo quality.

Out doors was just as pretty. 

Loving this canopy. I can imagine doing this in my own backyard.

Outdoor seating was available and perfect for this time of year, 
but since it's located on a main street I didn't want to risk my kids running in
front of fast moving cars

Perfectly situated in front of the Burj Khalifa 
and The Address Building. Makes for great picture taking. 

 Saray Sufra is located across from the Dubai Mall on Emaar blvd.
 in Old Town Dubai.

Just to keep it real, going out with kids, three none-the-less, is like partaking in the MXC game show. So, if you have little kids, just make sure you are not seated next to the music control, otherwise your 7 year old will discretely turn up the volume little by little until everyone in the restaurant cannot hear their own self think and you will keep asking your self why the heck the music is sooooo darn loud, until the waiter comes to your table to lower the volume your son secretly cranked up. Because he thought it was funny. :oO

Aside from that, our evening was great, food was delicious, service was pleasant and the vibe was the best! If you are looking for something new in Dubai specifically near Dubai Mall definitely check out that  restaurant and let them know you heard about it from Debdoozle please!! Then they will say who is that? lol Thanks for stopping by! Afeit Olsun! (Enjoy your meal!)


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