Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hands Down! Family Hand Prints Peacock Painting

Hello all. This is my last "project" post for 2012 and I couldn't be more happy to end the year with such a fun project, bret not my fair readers, I have a back log of lovely projects from Summer 2012 that I haven't posted yet. :o) I'll be starting 2013 reminiscing about those lol.

Recently, I posted a few of my peacock inspirational art that I was collecting for this project. The original idea came from a Pinterest post that lead me to this fun page (picture at bottom of post). I thought it was so cute, but I wanted something bigger, that involved the entire family, whimsical, but not too juvenile. So I came up with this and it sits happily in my room for me to enjoy every day before I go to bed and when I wake up. yay!!

 I started off with a square canvas and put a few drops of turquoise blue 
and then dry brushed it side to side.

I added white as well because I didn't want a solid blue background. 

 I repeated the steps until entire canvas was covered. 

I drew a sketch of the peacock body on a serrate piece of paper hand made a template out of it. I was easier than trying to draw freehand directly on the canvas and risking ruining it. 

 Painted in the peacock body.

Then came the fun part. I painted everyones hands, including my own and we started 
stamping down our hand prints from the largest  hand (my husband) to the smaller (the baby). 

After all the hand prints were made I  colored in the orange, yellow, turquoise, and black
 accent colors you would normally find in a peacock feather. 

I also painted in the eyes and nose at this point. It was coming together very nicely.

After the accent colors were done, I painted in the loose feathery portion down to the body. 

I'm so in love with it. Obviously it's not perfect, but it definitely looks good to me. 

And one more time in my room.
 It still needs to be framed, but in the mean time I'm really enjoying. 

This would be an awesome project at a family reunion where each family member can stick their handprint, or at a holiday part or school event. I think in the future (hopefully we'll live till then :o) when we look back at it we'll enjoy looking at those hand print, especially the kids, since theirs will be tho most drastically changed. Here is the original inspiration for those who were curious. 

Cute isn't it? Source

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and I encourage you to do something like this with your family, Who ever your loved one is, make sure to spend as much time with them as possible as you never know when God will call them back. 

As for the latest contest I held I decided to cancel and set another one as there were only two entries. Thanks for stopping by!!


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